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9/16/2022 c27 Darquesse8512
the links for your 3 new chapters all do not work
9/16/2022 c27 HughJasz
Glad to have you back! Nice chapter. I'm enjoying the slow growing bond between Laura and Logan. Looking forward to wherever the story goes next :)
9/15/2022 c1 myafroatemydog
Pretty great chapter
9/14/2022 c27 Morkail
Happy to see this get a update good story.
9/13/2022 c27 M2R
good to see you back
9/13/2022 c6 webzayne717
It kind of defeats the point of the sorting hat if you just get to pick where you want to go :P.
9/13/2022 c27 PasiveNox
Great chapter
9/13/2022 c27 22edboy4926
Good chapter.
9/13/2022 c2 MoonBurner
Finding it somewhat irritating that Harry knows about HP fanfiction, when there is no reasonable explanation for it. This isn't meant to be an SI, just jaded HP getting reborn.
9/13/2022 c27 5Nonyaarb
ive been waiting for this
9/13/2022 c27 Guest
Excellent chapter
9/13/2022 c27 gutorbit
Well, I didn't expect to see a notification about this fic. I agree with the direction you've taken the story thus far, with the characters enhancing the world building enhancing the characters rather than using one or the other as a dump stat. Just keep doing what you're doing. Glad to see you aren't dead in an alley somewhere!
9/13/2022 c27 marlastiano
good :)
9/13/2022 c27 Hadrian.Caeser
awesome chapter
9/13/2022 c27 nstlov
Deus, que saudades dessa história, obrigada por voltar!
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