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11/2/2023 c6 Badgerfrog
Wait, if the hat can talk about things that threaten the school or students, then shouldn't he be able to talk about all the stuff from the books?

Cause there was a lot of danger involved.
10/16/2023 c29 6Mando-Vet
Lol, love this story. Binged it in a weekend
10/16/2023 c28 Argonautt
honestly amazing story, well written, and you have. a nice plot going, 100k words and you barely progressed honestly or its just my impatients of wanting to read more.
9/18/2023 c16 Kenrio
Now I know why I never read past chapter 15, it's because it become a trash fic
9/14/2023 c6 Kenrio
This hat sorting is so cliche and overdone(with the hat seeing mc memories and him being able to choose his house) that I simple skipped. Author should simple not show and write what happened
9/14/2023 c3 Kenrio
So when will be explained how mc, a normal person, have the ability to act with enough experience to mislead Dumbledore?
9/5/2023 c29 Cutejohn1234
love this story very good potential tho i didnt understand all the marvel things as im not a marvel fan lol
8/21/2023 c14 yesandnocause
lol.. for someone who bitch about other fanfics and then proceeds to use the boring and lazy ancient one tropes.. could have made him a blip in the universe or unseen.. very boring indeed.
8/12/2023 c19 2mai44
i swear to god, if smthng happen to Laura I'll go ballistic
7/29/2023 c15 17Karmic Acumen
Sigh. Well, it was decent while it lasted.
7/29/2023 c20 CHARQlCharly
6/29/2023 c6 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Im really liking it so far
6/28/2023 c29 CloudWalker2470
more not enough
6/18/2023 c6 Her Laziness
How powerful of an artefact is your version of the Sorting Hat that it can fully delve into the mind and soul like that? Even ferret out secrets such as his reincarnation from a different Universe? Is it important to the plot?
6/11/2023 c3 Her Laziness
Oh nvm. I mistakenly read the comments and it seems to be the generic HP route. I can't read re-hashes of HP canon told in different ways with a dash of canon MCU also told in a different but still familiar way.

Love your storytelling, but I can't stomach to read another generic HP story again told thousands of times already. It's a me problem. haha

Keep it up!
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