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6/11/2023 c2 Her Laziness
Besides minor misspellings and punctuations, your long ANs before and after the story. Why? Will I see this in the incoming chapters? Word padding
I fervently hope this won't be another generic HP fanfic that's going to be stuck in Hogwarts for most of the fic while doing who-knows what at the side, told slowly, year by year. And seeing that HP canon has been adjusted - this would indeed be the case. The MC is also a kid so hopes are dashed totally. I still have hopes of him going to another school for a refreshing school experience.

Please, other than the a dry-as-bone Hogwarts learning experience. Good thing I have more chapters to binge - or drop, depending on the trajectory.
6/5/2023 c29 13Stephanie MRV
Their relationship is so adorable.

I love lauras sass. I feel like she is being deliberately pushy to see how far she can go with him. A healthy boundary test for her since she went through hell.

The ancient one is just so fucking cool.

yes. i am so happy that he is back. oh, poor laura.

Awwwwe. sal missed him. i know he did. Bet the old man was worried. he will get mad when he finds out that he was experimented on.
5/21/2023 c28 2Tibokas
Good chapter, though one thing keeps annoying me. You keep writing 'Ancient One said' or 'Ancient one did', but the correct form would be The Ancient One.
You could speak to her and say 'Ancient One, would you know...' but when writing about her as you were, it would be The Ancient One.
5/13/2023 c29 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
5/10/2023 c11 TypeVos
Not super impressed by this chapter, and his absolute success.
5/9/2023 c20 gabedane
tbh I was afraid she was gonna die, stuff like that happens a lot in these stories.
5/7/2023 c18 Blake5000
Hmm I believe your kidnapping scene was wonderful and it has definitely helped the story imo. I don't really see the big problem most people have had with it.
5/4/2023 c29 Hadrian.Caeser
5/3/2023 c29 FinnTheHumanMC
4/29/2023 c29 T M C A W
thank you for the chapter please update soon I need to know what happens next this is awesome
4/29/2023 c29 demon87
Very super
4/28/2023 c29 2GnomeBob
I hope you have Voldemort out Logan's name in the Goblet of Fire so he gets the Hogwarts Champion instead of Cedric. then you can try and make him 'work' with his father to get Harry to the Maze and turn the tables on him then.
4/28/2023 c29 Hxartlxss
Thanks for chapter.
4/28/2023 c29 shivam.singh2
Thanks for the Chapter.
4/28/2023 c29 fthamyres
Achei nunca mais ia ter atualização, obrigada pelo capítulo!
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