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9/24/2020 c1 20Oxford Not Brogues
Great start to the story! I've been waiting for this first chapter for months ;-;
I think your Alucard is spot on as well.
9/22/2020 c1 comodo50
Seems like a good story. Would say you need some beta or to review again writing, since at sole points went from 3rd person to first, in some verbs and stuff
9/21/2020 c1 Kilare T'suna
Alright let's see. My first criticism is when harry/alucard talk in third person. You add me in his words as well. Making it a mix of third person and first person. Of course I don't know if you intend for that to happen. I did rei a few harry is alucard stories. But most if not all die off. So I'll keep a eye on this one.

As for best friend. I say luna lovegood. She's so accepting of the weirdness. That alucard would like her
9/21/2020 c1 Guest
A great first chapter
9/21/2020 c1 Guest
Good concept, I feel like this will lead in a great direction, but remember that it will be hard to have a regular “hero’s Journey” with a character like Vlad, I wish you the best!
9/21/2020 c1 4Tzapporah
Very interesting concept. You could do with a beta reader for the grammatical errors, but a good start overall. I also put my prediction on Luna for accepting him, she's just like that. Although if you go with someone a bit less cliche, I'd say Blaise, not 100% why, though.
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