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for Freedom is not easy (TVDHP)

3/22 c12 Salvatoree
Yo wheres the update?
6/24/2021 c12 Nathaly2005
Update please
6/21/2021 c12 anish38kumar
Please update more.
3/29/2021 c11 tryfredweasleyhotmail.com
more nitpicky...ness chapter eleven near the begining. with a suprised. i'm assuming you forgot to write face after suprised
3/29/2021 c7 fred the inane
this may be a bit nitpicky but chapter seven every bodies favorate spot any grmmar mistake in that sentence not spelling mistake grammar mistake everybodies every bodies can that be fixed? i don't write so i have jno clue if you can or not
3/27/2021 c12 Kristina Johnson
Please update soon
3/22/2021 c12 sam
thank you ;)
can't wait for more
will harry use magic so rebekha could get pregnant?
more please
3/3/2021 c12 aurelialeeigyn
waiting for next chapter
2/21/2021 c4 snoep
Hi Author,
Can you please rewrite some of your sentences? Some words are missing in almost every chapter. Wich makes it harder to read. Here is the first part of chapter 4 that I slightly modified.
Recreating my wand? What the hell does he mean? I know wands can be modified like Hagrid his Umbrella or Lucius his Pimp Staff. But those are physical modifications, not magical modifications. Well I might as well listen to him.

I am sorry if this came off as offensive, I just hope that it will help to improve your writing and gives your story more followers.
2/20/2021 c10 mintushar844
Please add lexi branson to the love circle(harem) of Bonnie Katherine hayley and rebekah because lesions is the most underrated character she needs to be with hadrian please make this happen
2/20/2021 c1 kopol
The grammar is horrendous, use grammarly!
2/19/2021 c12 mizzrazz72
Hermione need to meet Damon.
2/19/2021 c12 3Gerak999
woah, you are back... and you left me with that cliffhanger... damnit, we also need more bonnie pov XD
2/19/2021 c12 Lesancapo
Thanks by the chapter
11/13/2020 c10 trxs300
I just finished reading to chapter 10 it vary good and I can't wait for next Update

I wonder if the Britch magic is gonna fall to Tom?
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