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11/29 c15 2The Traveler Who
This is so good, you need to continue this please, by the way will their be a pairing for Icarus x Atalanta or maybe Icarus x Medea since she deserves better then Jason no matter what since she was basically forced to fall in love with him and that not right.
BTW will Icarus die trying to defie his original fate? It would be ironic if he died similarly like the original version but instead of literally dying by reaching the sky it would be more metaphorical in a sense in trying to reach his goal or maybe even defile a god in the end.
Will you do FGO chapters or fate stay night, fate zero, or fate apocryphal chapters.
11/23 c1 A guy from WN
Yo, well... I wanted to say that I like the story. I hope you're doing well, and that I'll be able to see more of this story in the future.
Stay healthy.
11/1 c1 ngjunhao10
when is the next chapter coming out? I am just curious
10/31 c11 1Mystic Moon Flower
Man that's so OP! That's basically sharingan.
10/31 c8 Mystic Moon Flower
It's interesting in other fantasy work the more you're knowledge about how things work the more your magic becomes powerful since the person doing it has more of an idea how things work and in doing so also increases their intent. In here the more something is a mystery it's stronger. Don't throw stones at me though I'm not very familiar with Fate series and I'm only on the 2nd singularity in FGO and I just recently learned by briefly scanning wiki that magic and magecraft are literally different things. Magecraft sucks I'm gonna go stick with magic cause I wanna learn spatial magic, psychic and all that sht like doctor strange for example. xD
10/31 c14 Mystic Moon Flower
Wait a minute! Then wouldn't he be the cause of a singularity?
10/31 c15 Mystic Moon Flower
Bruh, sometimes inspiration will hit you in unexpected places. In your case while taking a shit while mine came from reading a fanfic. I literally finished a paper that's supposed to take a whole week in 2 hours also 2 hours before the deadline.
9/11 c15 Edgar115
Nice. Chapters are a bit short but I like
8/9 c1 Gallows110
love the story
7/26 c15 samuelcaldeira76gmail.com
Hope you update this story again would like to read more
6/14 c15 Aaronstone98
Please Update
6/11 c15 3ProfesorGoblitz
Hmmm I guess making antibiotics (anime: doctor stone,) style and introducing it would be interesting
5/28 c15 5The Azure Reaper
Greek Batman... well I'm hook.
5/13 c6 Consultant
I have to agree with the comment below, nobody likes a siscon protagonist
5/13 c15 Consultant
Icarus is a unique name that deserves to be mentioned in legends as the name of someone that accomplished a lot in life rather than be considered a lesson to others to not fly too close to the sun because being used as an example for something like that is dumb. Who would fly to the sun in modern era? Nobody.
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