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for Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! Rifare!

11/14 c1 2Wendel Santana
Continue, pls!
11/1 c1 Ieyasus
I think my issue is the fact that amano knows her target audience are mostly girls at the time. And she chose to do a lot of yaoi bait and fetishize literal middle school boys instead of having a proper story with character development. I have nothing against mlm relationships in shounen as long as it’s written well and makes sense, but other than that I do agree with some of your points.

Kyoko is pretty much a satellite love interest who is only to serve as the character who embodies all of Tsuna’s interests in a partner instead of being an actual character. Personally I disliked how as the manga goes on, Kyoko and Haru’s character slowly became dull and to that point that they just became the same character only with two different hair color.

I would’ve seen a lot more potential in them if they weren’t standing around and always wondering “when will tsuna come back from war” all the time, for sure. I have nothing against male protagonists who are reluctant though. In the manga, Tsuna is a lot more sassy and hated the idea of doing anything for friends, but at the end he began to take on the role of protectorate a lot better and it’s good development. I’m aware that the anime adapted this part of tsuna’s personality out.

I don’t know how to feel about a harem tbh, because I always preferred seeing the protagonist choose one partner in the end instead of leaving it open-ended like what I’ve seen with a lot of harems. But I just mainly felt like sharing some of my thoughts on your points is all.

I hope you do Tsuna’s character and relationships some good.
10/20 c1 R1VN
You had me at :Tsunas a simp"
9/30 c1 1SatanixDevil
keep it up
9/29 c1 AWantOfEternalLife
I look forward to it
9/29 c1 Guest
I agree with most of what you said and am looking forward to your fanfic! If it is going to be harem can you not make it isekai protagonist harem where he just says hi and all the ladies suddenly wet their pants. Make it so he actually has to charm them and in some cases his actions actually make a girl not like him. Le gasp, I just tired of all of these fanfics having a protagonist who is never hated even when his actions warrant animosity. But all in all it’s your story do as you will with my advice/complaining. Super looking forward towards your story!

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