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for Merlin's Great Need

5/29 c5 starboy454
Excellent update
5/29 c5 1DesertSandBox
another great chapter and i wonder if destiny can tell them about the repair bot so maybe it be duplicated a couple times and they start repairing destiny hull meaning less power needed for shields so more power to reach the next galaxy faster
5/29 c5 DeathCrawler
nicw chapter look forward teh next one
5/29 c1 IJustWannaReadEpicStories
the dialogue is rather stiff and definitely doesn't give off any natural feelings, from harry. and the sentence about her birthday was like a random surprise brick to the back of my head! it came out of nowhere and it did not fit the mood nor the question.
strangely, dumbledores dialogue is surpringly modern and less formal to read. If not entirely inappropriate.
not just that, but the start plot is a little lacking. taking out 2 5th years, one which is the chosen one, in the middle of a war? it just seems so rushed. to rush into something you want to happen, instead of laying a good foundation ans doing it right.
hell, if you wanted to do it rushed, you could have started with them on the ship and insert minor flashbacks of how they got there, during the story. minor as in, leave the readers wanting and questioning.
this start just gives away everything too early.
5/29 c5 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
interesting ritual for more living space
ross is going to be suffering for feet in mouth for some time i guess
5/5 c4 DeathCrawler
nice chapter look forward the next one
5/5 c4 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
will be fun to see witch scientis will sneak to places they dont belong mckay or rush
interesting that some one placed all those people on this ship
5/4 c4 1Glrasshopper
That seems like a rather chaotic group to include on Destiny. Cannot tell what you hope to achieve yet, but will stick around to find out.
5/4 c3 starboy454
Good update
5/4 c3 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter
5/4 c3 DeathCrawler
seems interesting
5/4 c3 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
interesting introduction of the ship ai
interesting changes with the group that came with the gate could alude to the need of getting them back that they dont belong there in the time line ?
5/3 c3 shadowstalkerlo
A nice surprise to still see this alive. Look forward to more
5/3 c2 LordVladhe
I never expected to see any work done in this universe again. Thank you.
4/18 c2 1davycrockett100
awesome :)
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