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1/21 c41 7ChiTown4ever
It was like Will's foreboding was contagious, and I spent the whole chapter holding my breath, waiting for the worst. And then the worst actually happened! I'm shocked the girls are all on the ship! I know I'm always surprised with the direction this story goes, so I try to be prepared, but I'm still shocked every time. You're so good at keeping the suspense going!
1/19 c41 Starreaderxd
My heart stopped
I can't... I'm shocked, really, really shocked
While I was reading this last chapters I had a bad feeling, and I thought that something was going to end like season 2, but I never thought that it would be Much the one to be injured...
At the moment my brain is saying: no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no THIS IS NOT REAL! IT CAN'T BE! NOOOO!
I love Much with all my heart! he's soooo sweet and kind and, and just soooo pure for this world! so please don't kill him! please, please, please! tell me that he's going to be alright. I have to say that the chapter was great though, but please don't kill Much!
1/17 c40 ChiTown4ever
I liked Carter so much on the show after he realized the truth about Robin and I really enjoy him in your story. I'm so glad you made him one of the gang with Robin and the others. And no doubt his skills will be appreciated when they go to rescue the girls!

I'm really looking forward to the outlaws attempting to rescue the girls. You always keep me guessing with plot twists, so I have no idea if it will be successful, but am excited to see if any of the girls pitch in and help get themselves free.
1/13 c39 ChiTown4ever
It was kind of surprising how much I liked seeing this other side to Robin. He always has a plan, even if he's thinking of it on the fly. This side of him that's rattled and maybe a little overwhelmed was a nice difference in him to see, especially since it seems to be allowing a different side of Allan to emerge as well.
1/3 c37 ChiTown4ever
My heart could barely handle this chapter. William and Auden are finally going to punish the girls, no the girls are going to escayoe, oh except Roana won't make it, wait Marian is saving her, yes they're free! And then I totally didn't expect the Sheriff to be waiting outside. That end of the chapter had my heart in my throat and now I'm so disappointed they didn't make it to freedom, but also sort of ok with it because it means the guys get to launch a rescue for them and I'm a fan of that!
1/3 c37 Starreaderxd
Noooooo, they were so close! William deserves that, all of them deserve the injures that they got. I thought I couldn't hate William more than I already did, but I was wrong! he's so evil! ohh how I wish they could beat him up right there! and the girls plan was brilliant! distract them and then Pum! to the floor you go hahaha

I wonder how the sheriff found out about Carter's plan. Maybe he just suspects and wants to be sure that Robin won't find out about his plans, who knows what he's planning this time.

And I guess that Tuck realised that those men where going to the place where the girls are so, they are finally going to find them! (soon I hope) unless the sheriff is planning something with them... which I think it's what's going to happen, and also Guy is more likely to be with the sheriff, right? Right? I'm waiting for him and Carter to join the rest of the gang in the forest haha (and Marian as well) it would be interesting to see all of them together fighting against the sheriff, or maybe that won't be necessary if they save the king... There's so much I want to know about hahaha
Please update soon!
1/1 c35 ChiTown4ever
Just when I can't imagine William getting worse, yikes! I'm nervous about whether the Outlaws and/or Gisborne will find the new prison in time (but love the anxiety-inducing drama)
I love how you write Robin's focus on the mission and Allan's more emotional response, while Gisborne is forever stoic. I would love to see what would (if anything) finally crack Gisborne and make him laugh or fly off in a rage. He's such an intriguing character.
12/31/2020 c34 ChiTown4ever
I really do love the way you write Robin's mannerisms and dialogue. That cockiness, mixed with humor and sarcasm. It's just a perfect blend and you catch it exactly right.
I always liked Gisborne and Allan's sort of friendship on the show, and just love how you're writing that, too. Just that little bit of sympathy Gisborne showed without saying anything about Allan and Roana was so sweet.

So, I was never a huge fan of Arrow on the show. Mostly because he was on for such a short time and was not a good guy for most of the time. But now that Gisborne is talking about being outlawed, I'm curious to see if he and Robin grow closer and if Arrow shows up. But I will be happy with whatever happens!
12/27/2020 c33 ChiTown4ever
I really liked Marian's sweet words to Alice. And Robin's admission of only having half a plan made me laugh, it was so true to the way he speaks and doesn't worry if he doesn't have a full plan.
You write Gisborne so well! You capture how easily he is swayed by the Sheriff and promise of power, but you write his growth as a person happening so naturally and believably.
12/27/2020 c33 Starreaderxd
*Please Guy join the outlaws, please Guy join the outlaws, please Guy join the outlaws*
There are soooo many things I want to comment about this chapter
First of all Roana's reaction to be locked in the dungeons was awesome! It was really amusing in my opinion, and the best of all was that she was more worried about Allan than to the fact that they can hang her (or worst) at any moment. I loved it hahaha
The second thing, I'm soooooo glad that you saved Edward without killing him like they did in the show! The way he died when he was finally free was horrible so I'm happy that he's safe for now. And Marian, Marian, Marian, she's so, so, so stubborn (and I love it haha). I liked the part when she decided to stay with Alice and Roana instead of leaving with Robin. I've got the feeling that something is going to happen concerning William, argh how I wish that he would get lost somewhere (and if Auden goes with him betterPoor Alice, she really thought that Guy was going to abandon her, that part was so sad, I'm sure that Guy is going to do something that will make her proud of him (I'm already are!)
I feel pity for both Robin and Allan, both worried about their loves, although the part where Robin said "Well, half a plan" Much and Allan's reactions where so funny! hahaha.
I'm wondering if what Marian says "Us girls need to stick together" will be related to what William had in mind during the sheriff's outburst, I mean, I'm sure that if he tries to do something to any of them they will protect each other by all means.
There're so many things happening at the same time, it's amazing! I can't wait to see what Robin's half plan is, what will Guy do, what William will do... Update soon please!
12/26/2020 c32 ChiTown4ever
This chapter made me so anxious, as everyone is riding toward Nottingham, but without knowing how bad things are, or that it's a trap. (But I love the anxiety-inducing chapters!) Gisborne is confusing me right alongside Robin (not because he isn't written clearly, but because you write his actions so well that I feel Robin's confusion). I can't figure out if he's going to actually help Robin, just back off a bit, or end up going against Robin to protect Alice from the sheriff. My fingers are crossed Gisborne takes a stand and makes Alice proud.
12/25/2020 c32 Starreaderxd
aaaahhh you're killing me! I don't know how do you manage to do such dark turns suddenly, but I love it hahaha. I'm sure that is going to be some kind of trap in the dungeon. It can't be so easy to Robin to convince Carter and save the girls and Edward. Imagine that they caught Robin too, the gang be like: SHIT! hahahaha. Now I'm not complaining if something like that happens, although I will like whatever you write haha. Robin is going to be surprised when he reaches the dungeons, I mean, he thinks that only Edward and Marian are there right? so when he sees that not only them but his sister and Alice are there he's going to need a better plan to escape, and without mentioning the guards that are already looking for him. it's not going to be easy, but where would be the fun if it was? hahaha
Update soon please! I can't wait to see what will happen. And also MERRY CHRISTMAS!
12/24/2020 c31 ChiTown4ever
Oh nooooooo! Gisborne and Alice were so close to a happy ending (just like Allan and Roana)! You're killing me with these dark turns (in the best way possible! I love the drama!) I can't even imagine how they'll get their freedom if they all end up in the dungeons and have multiple enemies working against them on the outside.
12/20/2020 c30 ChiTown4ever
I can't believe I'm still trying to catch up to your new chapters! I've been wanting to read them, and then things keep coming up that interfere with reading. Anyway, I'm so glad I'm chapter closer to caught up! I just really adore Alice and Gisborne. She makes me a little nervous that she's going to put herself in danger trying to help Marian and I can only imagine how that would hurt Gisborne, after all the times he tried to give Marian orders and she ignored him. I really like how protective Alice is of Gisborne, just as much as he is of her.
And, darn it, I should have known things were going too well for Allan and Roana! Of course William would have to show up and ruin it!
12/18/2020 c31 Starreaderxd
Oh dear... I don't even know what to say hahaha. I'm shocked really, they are literally all there, first Marian and now Alice and Roana! I wonder how will they rescue them and if Gisbourne will help them now that Alice is in danger. I also wonder what are Robin and the gang doing, and if Allan is with them or not. Aaahh I can't wait to see what will happen! it's getting so good and I can't even predict what will be coming! Please update soon!.
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