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11/27 c27 Starreaderxd
Oh my goodness! I knew it from the beginning! I had a bad feeling, oh God! I can't wait to see what will happen! please don't kill Marian! hahahaha it's so good, at first I was like, this man is up to something, then I started to think he was an ally and then Pum! he's a bad guy! hahahaha I wonder why he wants to speak to Robin...
update soon PLEASEEEE!
11/24 c26 Starreaderxd
"Thanks, Robin. I won't let you down" it was soooooo sweet! as Much would say, I knew it! hahaha
So now both Locksley's are betrothed, mmmm interesting hahahaha, I suddenly thought of a double wedding.. I can't wait to see what happens!

And the last line... I've got a bad feeling about the last line...
11/19 c24 4ChiTown4ever
I really like that you explored the idea of the quieter members of the gang needing, and enjoying, some time without the others. It's so true they must have needed that sometimes, yet I never thought of it. You never fail to surprise me with the unique things you see in the characters!
11/18 c23 Starreaderxd
this chapter was really interesting, I wonder how Gisbourne will actually be able to give up the power and leave Vaisey's side. I want to know how they will avenge Tom's death, I hated the way he died in the show, it was so unfair
11/17 c23 ChiTown4ever
I shouldn't feel so gleeful that Tom's death will be avenged one day, but I am. I swear you're writing this story like you're going through and fixing every thing the show for wrong, one by one.

I am just a total sucker for every Gisborne and Alice moment. They're so sweet and perfect together.
11/14 c22 ChiTown4ever
I really need to stop saying what chapter is my favorite, because I think I'm up to about 20 favorite chapters now, lol. But I really loved this chapter. Roana and Alice having a sliver of time to reunite and talk a little about the changes in their lives was sweet. I wasn't expecting Roana to not find out who Dulcina is to Allan, and like the bit of tension that's adding. And Gisborne letting Robin go... That was always my favorite, and still is, when Gisborne is the reluctant hero who is helping out the outlaws.

I'm so excited for Roana and Allan to be reunited, and find out what happens to Dulcina- if she keeps a small involvement in Allan's life now that they've found one another.
11/14 c22 Starreaderxd
They are definitely siblings hahaha, I can literally see Robin doing the same thing Roana did
I wonder what's going to happen now that Allan's mother is back, I'm happy that she accepted Roana, and I hope Allan will forgive her, after all she's still his mother
And Guy! okay, I knew that he wasn't with the sheriff anymore but was still impressed when he helped Robin so directly! and I'm glad that he did!
Update soon please!
11/10 c21 ChiTown4ever
This was a touching chapter, such sweet moments between Allan and his mother. It was especially sweet that she approved of Roana and he seemed to appreciate her approval, even though he didn't need it nor she have the right to be in a position of giving him approval after decades away.
I'm so excited for Roana to meet his mom! I keep wondering how it will change things now that Allan isn't just a poor man with no title, but the son of the countess.
11/9 c20 ChiTown4ever
I got behind on chapters somehow and am sooooo excited to be catching up.
I love Allan's mom. She seems so gentle and caring. Oh boy, Allan is not going to make things easy for her. I wonder how this is going to affect him with Roana.
11/9 c21 Starreaderxd
Awwwwww that was so cute! I loved the conversation between Allan and his mother, I hope Allan will forgive her
I laughed so hard at thisJesus Christ, that's the worst news ever. I think I've changed my mind about the hanging" Trust Allan to make a funny comment like that on that "serious moment"

And poor Roana, she must be very worried and... Much you are not helping!
11/7 c19 ChiTown4ever
Um, what? I did not see that twist coming, and I LOVE IT! I can't wait to see Allan with his mother. It was so fun on the show to see the love/hate interaction with his brother (until the terrible end), so I'm so excited to see how he is with his mother. Especially with the tense history between them. She left him and and his brother with a drink father, that can't be a wound that heals easily. Love, love, love this unexpected turn of events.
11/5 c18 ChiTown4ever
I have no idea what sort of magic you worked to release a new chapter, but I'm so glad you did! Poor Roana, I felt so bad for her being surrounded by all the happy couples (even John and Avery, that was so cute! The two big guys who just communicate with grunts and thumps of their staff, ha!)

Oh boy, I am looking forward to seeing what Scarborough holds for them!
11/3 c19 Starreaderxd
Okay... I'm shocked... BUT THAT WAS AMAZING! I was like, okay Roana is there everything is fine, they are going to rescue him, perfect. AND THEN! THEN! ALLAN'S MOTHER APPEARS?! that was the least I would expect! Really you are amazing! I'm soooooo glad I found your stories, they are perfect! I'll never get tired of saying this: I LOVE THEM! it's the first story I read that it's not entirely Robin and Marian and I love it! I can't wait to see what happens next!
11/2 c18 Starreaderxd
It's sad to see them part in groups. I hope to see them all together soon, and hopefully Allan with them. I'm looking forward to seeing how they will rescue him! and maybe see if Guy joins the good side, who knows? anyway hope you update soon!
10/29 c17 Starreaderxd
okay, first of all... Auden... I literally want to throw him off a cliff! I really wish that Allan or even Robin found out what happened and maybe they could have a little chat, if you know what I mean

And Robin and Marian, I don't even know what to say, I can't find the rights words to express how excited I am! it was absolutely perfect! and thisRobin breathed out in relief and pretended to mop his brow' It's a masterpiece. I can even see Robin doing it I really hope to see more Robin and Marian moments, you write them so well!
Every day I fell more in love with this story!
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