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8/3 c67 1WayTooEasilyObsessed
so is the reason Sherlock is his mother's favorite because he was openly disliked by Rudy? or at least his least favorite? and if so, what would that mean for her reaction/ thoughts to Molly?

I mean she is happy to accept Eurus is a murdering crazy child, and is particularly cold and dismissive of Mycroft, so what is she going to do to Molly who sherlock is actively loving and nice to?

yikes, and geeze! I am so over people who cannot see their own issues and take out their problems on others! a bit of life creeping into my opinions here in case you didnt catch that. lol
7/29 c69 87mrspencil
Amused at the unusual ways that the Holmes lads go about acknowledging and rationalising true love. Great to read more from you:-)
7/27 c69 Companion Teresa
I'm glad you're back, hope everything is going better. Thanks for the chapter, both Holmes boys being vulnerable at the same time!
7/27 c69 1bjq
7/26 c69 247MizJoely
Welcome back, you were definitely missed! Another fantastic chapter. Loved the Mycroft/Siger interaction, and I hope Mummy comes to understand just how manipulated she was by her brother. And the Sherlolly was lovely as always!
7/25 c69 1WayTooEasilyObsessed
I am really glad you updated this! for so many reasons. hope life starts normalizing again soon so old habits and hobbies can be picked back up
7/25 c53 WayTooEasilyObsessed
I relistening to your entire story, and am quite enjoying it. on the carrot fun facts: I just learned today that the myth of them improving eyesight is actually WWII english propaganda. they are good for your eye health (anything in the red color is, due to vit a) but they dont improve eyesight
7/25 c69 Analena
Sherlock's inability to put into words his befuddled feelings about the night before, was very cute, even better was the fact that Molly knew exactly what he was trying to say. :) Mycroft's talk with his father was also very sweet, (any chapter with a littlle Siger in it, is a bonus) But, I'm guessing it will take a while to break Maura's conditioning.
Good to have you back. :)
7/25 c69 11elbafo
Hooray for your update!

Such a significant turning point for Molly and Sherlock. Well, anther one, further cementing their relationship. I love how initially there's only Fact One. LOL. But the phone call, and Sherlock asking, but not asking, with Molly knowing the answer anyway, was so lovely.
Maura is in good hands with Eve Matthews. But I'm sure it will be a long hard slog!
Yay, Mycroft! He is redeemed!

Thank you for returning to your writing and this story in particular. It has been sorely missed!
7/24 c69 wasabi1217
Welcome back!

And congratulations to Mycroft for finally melting off some of that icy exterior.

I am curious as to what Dr. Matthews thinks of Mummy after their session.
7/24 c69 1senkihazi
welcome back :D
7/24 c69 1216magnolias
Yay, welcome back! I hope you're doing well. I caught up on all the chapters I was behind on and I loved all of them. THAT THING WITH PEGASUS AND MYCROFT OH MY GOSH! The fallout! The revelation and reunion of Eurus with her Daddy, the heartbreaking memories of what actually happened with Rudy on the day Victor disappeared, Sherlock behaving like a petulant teen around his mother and her friends, the beautiful unfolding of his love for Molly. All of it is * chefs kiss *
And this chapter was wonderful as well. I'm so invested in how Maura responds to Dr Matthews. Siger is just an A father in this and it is heartwarming to read, I loved his conversation with Mycroft.

...and then that beautiful heartfelt amazing discussion between Sherlock and Molly, and the love they shared afterward, and that phone call! Oh my gosh! It was so good!

Thank you so much for sharing this story. Don't stress about the length of time between updates, I'll wait patiently. : )
6/9 c1 1senkihazi
hello, hoping you will update soon, been missing your writing
5/24 c68 87mrspencil
Nicely done:-)
5/24 c67 mrspencil
Catching up…a neat portrayal of complicated family dynamics.
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