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for Always and Forever

4/30 c8 Monali.kk
I love your story, enjoying the friendship with Tiki, she deserve better than Elena and Bonnie ignoring her for months. Like also the friendship with Kol and Catherine. Can't wait for Klaus
4/21 c8 Jennifer
Please update soon
4/18 c8 Kyra
Omg! Can't wait for klaus to show up! Love the possible friendships between caroline and Katherine and kol! Hope Bonnie and elena listen to her! Absolutely cannot wait for more!
4/16 c8 stars-for-dreams
I really hope you're alright now, or that you will be soon.
I am happy to see you back. This story is very important to me, just so you know. Still, take all the time you need. Both the story and you deserve it, if that makes sense.
I hope we can see more of Tiki now, and that something happens to help Caroline more. Kol is great of course, but she needs more, I think.
4/15 c8 fallen-dreamerx0x
I've always hated how Bonnie and Elena ignore Caroline when she needs them but go to her the moment they need her help. I want Caroline to remember what Damon and Stefan did, kick their asses and then tell Elena and Bonnie everything. Tiki and Caroline's friendship was something I never knew I needed till now
4/15 c8 6Rucky
I hate them both
She need real friends and Bonnie and elena aren't
When Caroline realise she needs them
I hope Kol and katherine will be there for her
I waiting for her revenge on damon
Poor thing why she so alone and powerless
I want her badass chicken bud
3/25 c7 Reina-Dolor
Please continue I am mesmerised. I love how you have explored the emotional side of Caroline’s experience with compulsion and the gang’s reaction to it
2/23 c7 stars-for-dreams
I love this so much!
Thank you for sharing!
2/23 c7 RiaChan
caroline is acting like a beaten dog its so sad
2/22 c4 Guest
How horrible! She was compelled to hurt someone and Stefan took his sweet time trying to help and he could’ve healed mR. tanner but he didn’t ugh
Damon is the worst but Stefan isn’t much better
2/20 c6 Guest
Please update soon. This is amazing
2/9 c6 stars-for-dreams
I like this so much, you have no idea.
Thank you so much for sharing.
1/25 c6 Guest
Awe my baby Care. And what is Katherine going to do? I really hope she gets her revenge and kick Damon’s ass real good. I’m happy she’s spending time with her mum and she’s figuring things out on her own it’s not easy but Care is so strong in your story I’m proud of her. Keep it coming this is amazing!
1/22 c1 Scorpio4889
All ready loving were this story is going can't wait for the next chapter
1/21 c6 fallen-dreamerx0x
I'm hating Bonnie, Elena, Damon and Stefan so much. Hopefully Katherine helps Caroline. Can't wait to see Caroline and Liz take revenge on Damon for everything he's done.
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