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for Always and Forever

12/19/2020 c5 1MadScientist2.0
You are an amazing writer. You had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. I just wish Caroline weren't so alone, she deserves some support, too.
12/18/2020 c5 Kaguro
I hope she bite damon and die
Blood blood
12/18/2020 c5 K17
I want badass Caroline kick everyone's ass
12/18/2020 c5 uqiam
This is a really great story! Its well written and the plot is very interesting. Can’t wait for the next update!
12/18/2020 c5 tacomaster0928
Woah. you really captured the feeling of terror here. the terror of the unknown, of the pain, of the innocence mind. just woah
12/18/2020 c5 piluinwonderland
Pobre Caroline.. todo lo que está sufriendo ಥ_ಥ
Espero que e todo mejore para ella pronto.. oh y quién va a ayudarla con lo de ser un lobo? O lo hará todo por su cuenta?
En fin, espero con ansias tu próxima actualización, Besos!
12/18/2020 c5 stars-for-dreams
I could feel my chest ache from how much I empathized with Caroline. I appreciate the way you are exploring this part of the story. It feels very necessary
11/21/2020 c4 stars-for-dreams
I want to hug Caroline so much. And beat Stefan bloody. But beat Damon more
11/21/2020 c4 piluinwonderland
Es un lobo! Increíble! Por otro lado, realmente no se a quien quiero lastimar más, Damon, Stefan, Elena o Bonnie. Honestamente me molestan mucho.
Increíble escritura como siempre!
(PD: habrá algunos mikaelson pronto? )
11/21/2020 c4 Livvea
Oh she’s a werewolf! I thought she was gonna turn right after Tunner died but I like how you’re going with it. And was it because of her inactive gene she was unable to resist compulsion? Pls update soon! So into this story!
11/20/2020 c4 Guest
This was a heavy chapter, this and the last. Funny thing is, I seem to be disgusted more by Stefan than Damon. Elena and Bonnie being shitty self-centred friends is nothing surprising. Brilliant writing though, looking forward to reading what comes next.
11/20/2020 c4 Kagura
DAMON stefan Bonnie and elena
Nobady defender her
She always the victim
It unfairs
11/10/2020 c3 stars-for-dreams
This was heartbreaking... I don't really want to see her POV in all of this but it's like I can't stop. Your take on these events is really well done
11/6/2020 c3 DawnDream9435
I love your writing so much
11/6/2020 c3 fallen-dreamerx0x
I hate Damon and Stefan so much. Really hope that Caroline gets the justice she deserves. You have written this chapter beautifully.
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