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6/16 c29 debpreato
Awesome ending! Really love having a vision "down the road" Fantastic story...so well written. I enjoyed reading it so much ...thank you.
6/16 c28 debpreato
I love to hear peoples reactions to Dimitri. Good or bad.. lol.
6/16 c27 debpreato
Great idea that Dimitri is healing in layers. Talking through dreams with Roza, having the opportunity to talk history out with Ivan. Healing and life is moving on for them
6/15 c26 debpreato
Sparing always gets Dimitri and Roza back into that safe comfortable place. Roza is doing a great rehab job.
6/15 c25 debpreato
Wow what an emotional rollercoaster. I wanted to slap Dimitri then hug him. Way to go Adrian!
6/13 c29 russia2774
Loving it please more updates
6/13 c29 ginabowman2005
I enjoyed the story. Inique, very original. Good Job. Love to see some others completed too!
6/12 c1 ginabowman2005
Spokane? Mason alive?
5/4 c29 alfarrow25
This was a great read!
4/30 c29 HisLittleDhampir
So sad this is over but ugh after this I definitely need some short stories with pregnant Rose
4/24 c29 Ashley Hanson
Loved this story. Thank you!
4/24 c29 peggy
I loved it and am sorry it's over but it's time.
4/24 c29 Inkpoint2
Un grand merci pour votre histoire merveilleuse
4/24 c29 stardreamer26086
Loved the chapter please continue to update can't wait for more
4/24 c29 8The cat with blue eyes
a nice ending! thank you for this story
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