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10/20 c22 SHERRY
this chapter is really good and fun! thank you for updating, have a rest and take care! will be reading more and looking forward for your updates :)
10/15 c22 143Smithback
8/18 c20 James Birdsong
Good three chapters
8/19 c20 1AkiBlossom
Ooo this new arc seems fun!
4/13 c17 James Birdsong
Good chapter in my opinion
3/23 c16 2mikanxholawon
I'm hooked! this is really great!
1/7 c16 James Birdsong
Good sixteen chapters
11/22/2020 c15 Alma
Cotinua por favor
9/28/2020 c5 15Richard Ryley
Okay, first of all, as with Destiny's Wish, it appears you are posting someone else's story. I think that's frowned upon here, but as you have given proper credit, I don't mind that myself. At least you are trying to preserve a good story. However, I can't offer any advice on it, since it's already written, so I'll just post my thoughts in this review instead.

Second, you need to clean up the formatting on this chapter and repost it.

With that out of the way, let me review this story. I've written a story like this myself, and while I concentrated more on the aspect of Akane being beaten by a boy, and the implication that would have given the attacks of the Hentai Horde, I like the way the author handles it here, even though his reaction is much reduced. Akane gets toweringly furious, but is interrupted, and immediately finds out Ranma is really a girl. As I would expect, this totally changes her point of view, as she gets to see Ranma as a victim of Genma's stupidity, and not a would-be rapist.

I like that this change in Akane's depiction carries on to the next chapters. She insists on referring to Ranma with the female pronoun. Either she has guessed that Ranma's birth gender is her true one, despite Ranma's obvious confusion, or she is refusing to accept the opposite, since that would mean she would have to be suspicious of Ranma. This is kind of like the way she sees Ryoga, being oblivious to his curse and perhaps refusing to see it. This makes her a lot more friendly and helpful to Ranma, and she doesn't overreact to his insults. Although she doesn't sit still for them either.

Ranma, likewise, is a lot more considerate. I was hoping that when she saw the fight between Akane and the Hentai Horde, she would identify with Akane and not the boys, and it appears that was the case. Rather than tell Kuno that she could have Akane, who would "rather kill him than kiss him", she instead involved Akane in telling Kuno that they weren't in a relationship, and she asked Akane for her input in a lot of other scenes as well. She seems to be trying to be Akane's friend, which will help their relationship a lot.

What intrigues me is that Ranma seemed hurt when Akane said they weren't in a relationship. This brings up the potential conflict in this variation of the story. We have so far heard nothing about Ranma's sexuality. She is a girl, definitely, but is she attracted to boys, leading to a possible relationship with Ryoga, or is she a lesbian? If she is a lesbian, then it's very likely given Akane's behavior so far that Akane is suppressing the possibility that Ranma could be attracted to her. Again, Akane feels unsafe around boys, so she isn't interested in a "boyfriend", and in fact seems taken aback when Ranma embraces his male identity. That's why she reacted the way she did when Ranma said he wanted to be called "Ranma" when he's male.

So what we could have here is a tentative attraction that both of them are trying to deny, Ranma because she still sees herself as a girl and isn't interested in the part of her father's plan that would force her to marry another girl, and Akane because she sees herself as a girl who isn't interested in women, even though she's not interested in pervert boys either. Her attract to Tofu, as in the canon, seems to suggest that she likes men who have a more nurturing, feminine side.

The key to this may lie in how Ranma reacts to this chapter's revelation. In the canon, Ranma was disturbed, because Kuno was the first person to tell him he loved him, but was another boy. To the point that he had a nightmare. If Ranma (and note I'm not calling her Ranko, even thought that's her own name for her feminine side) has the same nightmare, she is disturbed about the idea of being attracted to men, and could be attracted to Akane. On the other hand, if she is flattered by the gesture, but turned off by it being Kuno, she could be attracted to men.

I will note that in MY version of this story, Akane recognized that Ranma's identity is male, even though her body is female, and this disturbs her. Here it's the other way around. The conflict is not as intense, but it's still there. Ranma clearly has accepted her father's teaching and feels a male identity fits her better, but she still insists that she is a girl. She's probably more of a tomboy, like Akane.

I suppose I could look up this fanfic and try to find the next chapter, but I'll wait and see what you post next. :D This could be an interesting take on a female Ranma, and I'll be keeping an eye on it.

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