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1/6/2021 c2 takers dark lover
Very good liked it very much.
12/25/2020 c1 Guest
Please continue to write, this was amazing! spnlady
11/13/2020 c1 2yarnfan4life
love it please write more
9/27/2020 c1 Mistycat
I could see and feel every word. Thank you.
9/26/2020 c1 40Colby's girl
Well done! I always pictured something like this happening.
9/25/2020 c1 oooPennywizeooo
Great story!
9/25/2020 c1 4Blossom9
I love season 1 too! This was a great story! You really feel Sams suffering with the visions. Well done!
9/25/2020 c1 27Shannanigans
Lovely! I'm enjoying these. Looking forward to more.

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