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6/10/2021 c18 157slytherinsal
poor Fleur ... I hope it doesn't cause her too much trouble
6/9/2021 c17 21katmom
And so it begins!
6/9/2021 c17 157slytherinsal
Lord of the Dance, hymn, was an update of a late medieval carol, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day which was a Christmas and Easter carol, different verses sung for each. You can find the words on Wiki and the carol sung on YouTube.
uh, medievalist ...
6/8/2021 c16 21katmom
Thanks for sharing.
6/8/2021 c15 157slytherinsal
good story so far!
6/7/2021 c15 21katmom
Always fun to put a crimp in the plans! Lol
6/7/2021 c14 LBII
Good work! I love stories that have Luna as a main or near main character. Thank you!
6/6/2021 c14 dianaanne
Enjoying this story.
6/6/2021 c2 157slytherinsal
could have been worse; he could have been called Busby, for BT's blasted advertising bird.
6/6/2021 c3 dianaanne
Did you have to killSirius? Whines.
6/6/2021 c1 dianaanne
Thought this would be the typical “Regulus lives” story; you blew me away with your unique beginning!
6/6/2021 c14 21katmom
Well, he is progressing...slowly!
6/5/2021 c13 katmom
That was fun. Thanks for sharing.
6/4/2021 c12 katmom
Wow! Sara to the rescue! And Neville, too!
6/4/2021 c12 LBII
Keep up the good work!
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