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6/2 c10 21katmom
Whoa! Quite the battle!

There are several adults in Britain that need their dues handed to them!
6/2 c10 azphxbrd
I hope that Malfoy Sr get the that his is Squib along with being possed by Voldemort's wrath. He isn't the Lord House Black or Heir Malfoy anymore. I hope this is beginning House Malfoy bad getting worst.
6/2 c4 90RebeccaRoy
Wow, what a plot and I love it, glad to see a certain family is about to get ruined.
6/2 c3 RebeccaRoy
Wow, are the Malfoys really trying to commit political suicide here? Harry can and will bury them in time, and wow, did not see that happening at the end there either.
6/1 c9 21katmom
First Paddy, then Gisele...harsh...

Hr was right, all the adults drank crazy juice!
6/1 c8 azphxbrd
Good chapter, one questions : Why didn't they protect the from Malfoy? Why the DLME hadn't protected the witness prior to the trial? Next update.
5/31 c8 katmom
Oh my...what a ruckus!
5/31 c7 azphxbrd
When Draco going get what's coming to him? Poor Malfoy Sr going to Jail.
5/30 c7 katmom
5/29 c6 katmom
Well...maybe all is not lost for Gisele.
5/29 c5 katmom
Well, that was a twist...
5/29 c6 azphxbrd
I like this story and would read more of it. Good story, until next update.
5/29 c4 azphxbrd
They seem to think the Black family wont help Malfoy's family. If monetary situation is bad they think, Draco wont be receiving anything.
5/28 c5 Ale74
please update it soon, please!
12/18/2020 c4 3Mmars69
Thank you. Keep up the good work.
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