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10/6 c10 G F
Even though I enjoy Rorshoch, I try to never read anything under 10K, or 'bits of this and that'. One shots almost never, unless they're pretty large. Sorry.
10/5 c2 G Fawkes
Ok. Guess I'm old. Never even heard of RWBY before.
10/5 c5 12helrio uzugaku
What Harry did with that contract of his was so underhanded! I'm literally speechless.

How did you come up with something like that? I don't know whether to be scared to death or impressed.

Harry offers Hermione a ring of friendship along with a 'non-specified contract' in public in front of Neville, Harry must have known that his words would be translated to a promise ring sided by a 'marriage contract', unknowingly Neville starts making an utter ASS of himself, doing all kinds of damage to his reputation with Hermione all on his own with but a few words from Harry. He manipulated his best friend to dance to his own tune.

That's so fucking slytherin of him I bet even Tom himself would have nodded in sheer respect for the ploy. I just don't understand how you came up with this concept.

I knew it couldn't have been a marriage contract so soon because Harry literally said he wouldn't marry until he was at least 25. But I didn't have a clue what kind of contract it could have been. I freely admit, you duped me here.

I tip my hat to you good writer. It isn't every day a writer manages to blindside me like you just did.
9/23 c28 CaptHook77
It was a ok story. Lots of missing or repeated words (pick any chapter). Made some paragraphs hard to follow. Weird time jumps (besides those listed) that left me wondering what happened in certain areas. Some places it’s “you-know-who” other places it’s “who-knows-who”.
8/30 c28 7TiffersStar1989
love this story...it was great...I just love how the story played out and how everything seemed like it fit well
8/27 c28 kimjo2
This was a superb story. I loved Sister G especially. Thanks so much
8/19 c10 10RevDorothyL
Here's the reference for the Minerva of the M.A.F. story fragments in "Odd Ideas", in case a hundred people haven't already given it to you! :)

"THANK MERLIN FOR THE M.A.F." (Grindelwald sends an attack against Hogwarts, Head Girl Minerva McGonagall is one of the few victorious survivors among the defenders, and she enters the Magical Air Force during the Battle of Britain, with young Tom Riddle as her enthusiastic lieutenant):
s/2565609/176/Odd-Ideas “Thank Merlin for the MAF”
s/2565609/179/Odd-Ideas “Old MAF Omake”
8/6 c3 Kyr
Thank you for sharing
8/6 c1 Kyr
Intriguing beginning. I know I will be reading this as quickly as possible.
Thank you for sharing.
8/2 c28 MrsFH
Excellent story! Thanks for sharing it with me. I enjoyed it very much.
7/31 c1 Smile Giver11
A magical person with faith is exactly something I would love to read about. An entire order of people with faith doing what is right and putting down monsters and followers of the Accuser is something I would gleefully read about a thousand times. Do you accept digital hugs? If you do, please take 10 every day for the next three dozen centuries and be aware that there are more if you want them. If not, you can have this high-five and a warm smile. You are a remarkable author. Thank you for your beautiful imagination.
7/25 c5 MEEEEEEP
Brilliant chapter as always! Pace is blistering fast and has more moving parts than a mastercrafted pocketwatch. I’m incredibly excited how you would put it together during the climax.

Still need some polish on sentence construction to enhance clarity but overall incredible work. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
7/25 c1 MEEEEEEP
WHAT A BRILLIANT OPENING! There are some areas that could use some polish in terms of sentence construction to enhance clarity but the introduction of the plot was wondrous! Stories usually have a “hook” that keeps the audience engaged and how you teased / hinted at the elements of your AU is very well done. From the alternate events of the Regulus’ sacrifice to possibly Alice and Frank’s recovery, the overall opening felt the start of a roller coaster. Right now, it feels like we’ve just been strapped in the carriages, and we’re given a glimpse of a long ride up.
7/20 c28 S
That was an intriguing and relatively unique tale. Was glad that Harry and Neville got rescued from their abusive childhoods, and that Hermione was brought to the right place for her to flourish. Loved the pairing, and the fact that they got together quickly. Would’ve been even better to have more of Hermione and more of harmony, but it wasn’t a deterrent by any means. I admired the way the kids handled Snape’s vitriol, even if he was technically a ‘good’ guy here. The discipline and control the Order installed in them was evident in their measured and confident responses. Also liked Sirius’ and Regulus’ resurrections, so to speak. The only thing I’d request you to consider doing differently is to make the flow of the story smoother. It’s like your thoughts ran faster than your words, and words and sentences were missed here and there. This is absolutely not a complaint. I just think it’ll increase your readership. Thanks!
7/19 c1 kjartan.dezentje
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