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7/17 c27 mysinger
Absolutely brilliant story with plenty of suspense and believable characters. I loved the knights, especially Sir Hector and Monseigneur Brown and of course Sir Harry. Glad you brought Sirius back. A unique and thoroughly enjoyable read. Thank you.
7/15 c5 7Azrael38
having Harry sign over all of his possessions and money make this "order" sound like a cult. that they recruit young children definitely makes them a cult. this story is ok but it's very choppy and hard to read. no thanks
7/14 c27 johlmann
Excellent story. Read it through twice (to find out what I missed the first time). Glad about Regulus, sad about Gisele and Rebecca, glad Dumbles and the Malfoys got theirs! Thank you for this story and its different framework...
7/11 c6 8Itack23
The ideas about the Dark Mark to recognize and sense each other is good, and its applications interesting
7/9 c27 pudentane
Great story. Thank you for sharing your talent.
7/7 c26 PSay
This is a great way to get rid of the dark witches and wizards that have been causing all the trouble in Britain. Harry still manages to get himself in trouble even though he was the only one that could be the snake. He does push all the Knight Commanders buttons. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/7 c25 PSay
Wow! Im amazed they all survived the final task. The British Magical Government really wanted Harry and his friends dead. The way they all survived was amazing. I'm very happy for Milicent. The curse is broken by love. Very well done. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/7 c24 PSay
Cliffhanger is right. Augusta is obviously insane. She doesn't know that her son and daughter in law are doing much better. Now all Harry' favorite people are in danger of the horntail. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/7 c28 niki0niki
That was awesome! thanks for writing
7/7 c17 2Lanzecki
Um, you do know that Riverdance and Lord of the Dance are quite separate things? Michael Flatley would be incensed to have them conflated!
7/7 c27 peggy77
Great Story! One of the best imho.
7/6 c28 renowned-warrior
Thank you for writing this story. I really liked it although in the end it was a bit confusing sinve you wete working with so many plotbunnies. But you managed to do a good job and I appreciate the out come from your work.

Through out your story you have been kind enough to recommend other good stories and since I am now going to page through your story to find them all I was thinking that maybe you could leave your notes through the story but also here in the end write the complet list.

7/6 c25 stacygrrl2002
Shades of Shrek! Excellent! I almost passed on reading this tale. Read the blurb teaser, and ran across it three or four times before I started it. Very very glad now I did. Seeing the knights seemingly based on the Roman Catholic church type organization, only in the wizarding world threw me off for a bit. It just didn't seem to fit or feel right, but it is an AU storyline wait is fanfiction. It's like James bond ina different setting, or Indiana Jones in another lost , anyone?
7/6 c21 PSay
This is amazing. from all the people being caught, freed, had their dark mark removed, Harry fixing Hogwarts wards and more. very well done. ps
7/5 c20 PSay
Delores is still working in the background to help Voldemort. I was surprised when Fudge took her off as the judge for the tournament. I'm glad that they found a way to test Dumbledore. Now they know that Dumbledore is cursed. He also has a twisted outlook on right and wrong. I hope Harry can cast the patronus charm. It is sad Umbridge and Narcissa both want Fleur dead for different reasons. Quite a few people dead for different reasons. Harry is number one. Thanks for writing. ps
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