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7/5 c19 PSay
This is bad. Umbridge tried to get Fleur killed. Most of the judges are scoring to favor their own entrant. Harry. Hermione, Neville and Luna are especially targeted and no one seems to have figured out that Voldemort is possessing Draco. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/5 c18 PSay
This is a touchy situation all around. I can't believe Peter Pettigrew is at Hogwarts as a teacher. It was close for Harry. He almost attacked Peter at the feast. The threats against muggleborn and Neville and several others is very real. Now Draco who is posesssed by Voldy is making advances on Fleur. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/4 c17 PSay
This is amazing. Harry is making up spells as needed in an emergency. Thank goodness he was able to save Hermione. A lot of preparation has gone into this trip. Luna's seing has made a lot of difference. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/4 c27 Thunderingtempest
Just finished this story and wow. Could criticism be made. I am sure yes. However, over all I loved it. The biggest praise i give on here after I finish a read is that I mark it to reread in the future and then check to see what else a writer has done or is doing. Both boxes that got big checks from me. Outstanding work.
7/3 c16 PSay
It is terrible that there are so many plots against Harry and his friends and relatives. Now he has a new baby cousin from Dudley. I'm glad the Grangers adopted her. Any one that helps Harry or Harry helps them or their family gets slammed in Britain. I'm sure Dumbledore is incensed that Harry is now a knight. Thank goodness they got rid of the part of Voldys horcrux out of Harry. Thanks for writing. ps
7/3 c15 PSay
Wow! Harry's trial was healing and riding the dragon he saved. Now he is a knight. Dumbledore is not going to be happy. ps
7/2 c14 PSay
Poor Harry. He has not reached puberty yet. Is it a curse? I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/2 c27 odonnellzoo99
That coven really made a disgusting mess out of Magical Britain. It was a very confusing, but also entertaining adventure getting that mess straightened out. Peeves possessing Umbridge's body was awesome.
All but one of your story recommendations were ones that I've already read, but since they were stories that I would also recommend, I went to visit your Favorites list. Many of those are also on my Favorites list or one that I've read and enjoyed, so I look forward to reading the stories that I came across that I wasn't already familiar with.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
7/2 c13 PSay
A very busy chapter. It looks like Harry will end up in the tournament. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/2 c4 demonboy121986
This is as far as I could force myself to read after the first chapter which was really good, second was iffy, third started to piss the reader off and four is where I leave.
7/2 c1 demonboy121986
Great concept and honestly hope it gets rewritten with the f ups taken out. Honestly, pads being killed so soon and Neville clearly stating he like Mione also is just a recipe for trouble and the final nail on not only not finishing what could have been a good story but honestly also recommend not reading if you are a Padfoot fan or someone who more times then not hate Dumbles unless done really well. No in this needs to be redone story, not only does Neva grandma need to be taken to task for betrayal or wait it's stupidly put how nev will go to her to mend things... Um no, hell no, ARE YOU FING KIDDNG ME, then to make it worse, you start to paint Dumbles as the bad guy he is normally and then state how Harry looks up to him... no, shit like that royal pisses of people. and to those idiots who want to tash my review because the writer put there time to make it... we as reviewers and readers take our time to read it with certain expectations like the writer also has when writing. Now clearly this isn't for me and above is why, it maybe for others but not for those like me. "No Sirius will b hurt permanently in the making of this story." Right... except dieing is kinda permanent or other would have been brought back. Great job in making what people read to want to read the story a lie.
7/2 c27 csheila

A murderous tale but a good one. I liked your emphasis on z greater evil than Voldermy.
7/2 c12 PSay
Neville's uncle finally showed up and Neville dealt with him. Justice was served. The capture of Gabrielle was bad. I hope Soda makes it but she would do it for her again if needed. ps
7/2 c11 PSay
The leaders of the order are trying to plan ahead and keeping some of the things that would upset the younger squires. of course they will find out eventually. Harry and Remus are working together and the goblin now knows that. He also just found out that Remus was one of the original marauders. Never bet against a Potter. Harry and Neville were teaching the younger ones but they were also having fun especially some of their mentors. A happy crew learns better and remembers better. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/1 c10 PSay
Harry saved the day by using Fluffy to stop the troll but it had already killed Blaise. Now they are going to try to blame Neville for Blaise's death. At least Harry completed his mission and he saved Milicent and Hermione from Madam Longbottom. It sounds like the order plans to recruit more from Hogwarts. I look forward to more of this story. ps
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