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7/1/2021 c10 PSay
Harry saved the day by using Fluffy to stop the troll but it had already killed Blaise. Now they are going to try to blame Neville for Blaise's death. At least Harry completed his mission and he saved Milicent and Hermione from Madam Longbottom. It sounds like the order plans to recruit more from Hogwarts. I look forward to more of this story. ps
7/1/2021 c24 csheila

May the justice equal it
7/1/2021 c21 csheila

My arm is messed up so there were will be fewer reviews.

Thanks for the h/t to RobSt. It was a fun story as all his are
7/1/2021 c9 PSay
Wow! So much going on! Harry, Neville and Milicent all being messed with by Dumbledore and Dowager Longbottom. Friends being captured and killed. What a mess. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/30/2021 c18 csheila
Great work on wizards’ response to squibs.

I hope the justice is painful
6/30/2021 c17 csheila
Great plotting.

Is Hermione fit for knight-service? She would be more effective at spy services.
6/30/2021 c8 PSay
Harry savedHermione and in a way Milicent. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/30/2021 c5 8Itack23
Rare to read a story developping Bulstrode in a good way, it's nice!
Though, Neville's uncle... damn
6/29/2021 c14 csheila
Anything by ApAidan, LeQuin, chemprof, MProse, Peaceful Compassion, Fairywm, and everyone you have mentioned. Countless others I have favorites

Caution, I don't know how to remove stories that end up being awful. I don't mean grammar or plot problems. I mean stories depicting brutal rapes or murders for titalation purposes.
6/29/2021 c12 csheila
Excellent twists to the plot. You set it up wEll with a smarter Voldie and more evil Malfoys.
6/29/2021 c11 csheila
You understand the kids so well

Even how they shift personalities due to prior training.

Harry always needs Luna in his life.
6/29/2021 c10 csheila
Wow. Thanks for pulling no punches on the violence.

Poor Millicent
6/29/2021 c9 csheila
If anyone doubts, you are required coom ending tremendous stories. I have read most of them.

This is slick. I love how Daphne ripped Snape
6/29/2021 c8 csheila
Thanks for all the story recommendations

I Will await justice and enjoy every bit
6/29/2021 c7 csheila
I love the plot but it is twisty.

Fun to watch a hot-tempered Hermione and Neville.

Love the introduction of other characters
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