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6/29/2021 c6 csheila
Sneaky, clever, and young. A great way to experience this plot.

I love the frequent use of ghosts.

I went to Catholic school. Bad Faith is going down
6/29/2021 c5 csheila
Evil and stupid.

I would love to see Uncle Algie taken outvearly
6/27/2021 c28 Fallow57
xXxXx KUDOS xXxXx : )
6/29/2021 c4 PSay
Very Slytherin of them all. It is very sad about Sirius. I hope someday Harry will know who Regulus and Sirius really were. Thanks for writing. ps
6/29/2021 c2 csheila
Boy, I hope the revenge Neville takes is spectacular
6/29/2021 c28 Ann Jinn
This was a wonderful story. I especially liked the coven. There were women controlling things in the country and no one noticed. Using the prejudice of the times, they had victims for sacrifices. The knights were a great idea.

Thanks for other story references. I love Old Crows writing.
6/29/2021 c3 PSay
This is a sad chapter. The kids have to go to Hogwarts and now they have lost Sirius. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/28/2021 c2 PSay
This is a tough time for all in Italy. I'm glad that Harry will have friends he knows at Hogwarts. I look forward to more of this story. ps
6/28/2021 c1 csheila
This looks terrific.

I came over at Old Crow’s reputation.

This story is different and bristling with drama. I always will request Luna (it's a reflex)

Crisp dialogue, evil actions, and swift responses. Yes, this will be fun
6/28/2021 c1 PSay
This is a great beginning. I like stories where Regulus is recued and lives a better life. Harry and Neville both deserve a better life. Thanks for writing. ps
6/28/2021 c1 millercommamatt
Old Crow sent me.
6/27/2021 c4 8Itack23
A niffler animagus transformation can be very useful, I see xD
6/27/2021 c3 Itack23
Ho... Didn't think we'd have a death so ealry on, and Paddy's in particular... And because of... maths? (well, at least he'll consider that a great joke right?)
6/27/2021 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
read marker
6/27/2021 c1 Itack23
Old-Crow recommended this story in his last story, so I came to see what it is about
Seems like an interesting start, with Regulus wanting to make it up for his time as Deatheater, probably a religious aspect, another country (Italia) and early bonds between Harry, Neville and probably Hermione
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