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6/15/2021 c23 157slytherinsal
someone is going to be very unhappy
6/15/2021 c23 21katmom
Well…that will be quite the party!
6/15/2021 c22 LBII
Prof. Babbling evil! A coven of witches! Good stuff! Thank you!
6/14/2021 c22 katmom
Dun dun DUN!
6/13/2021 c21 Monnbeam
This is a very interesting story and throughly enjoyed reading it, thank you for sharing
6/13/2021 c21 LBII
I like it. Peter repentant! That was a novel idea, but it also gives credence to Dumbledore's theories that everybody can change to the good.
6/13/2021 c21 katmom
Paddy! That was most excellent! Thanks for sharing!
6/12/2021 c20 157slytherinsal
the thot plickens
6/12/2021 c20 21katmom
Gearing up for ugly times.
6/12/2021 c19 29Sakura Lisel
Okay... why the heck is Narcissa psycho enough to try and kill a half Veela girl who’s family probably has NEVER even spoken to HER family, let alone who’s daughter probably doesn’t even know Draco even EXISTS let alone has an ‘interest’ in her, yet Just because ‘Draco’ is showing an interest in Fleur, who’s SEVENTEEN to Dracos FOURTEEN and probably WOULDNT be interested in getting together with a KID like Draco when she could have somebody her own age, or older, instead? Yet Narcissa wants to kill the girl just because her son ‘wants’ her even though Fleur doesn’t even know Draco exists to RETURN whatever Draco is feeling for her?
6/11/2021 c19 21katmom
6/11/2021 c2 19Kallanit
I'd love to know how they managed to get Sirius out of Azkaban and to Kill the Lestranges there.

I would have thought training the three children together as a unit could be advantageous.
6/11/2021 c1 Kallanit
Errr... in canon it's Sirius Orion and Regulus Arcturus, not Regulus Orion, and they're brothers, not cousins, but you did say it's AU, which I assume is the reason for those differences.

Nice work so far. Definitely an interesting start to the story.
6/10/2021 c1 27polarbear20000
I am definitely enjoying this one greatly. The plot, the dialogue, the story itself has hooked me and I look forward to more.

insert typical fanfiction reader knee-jerk cry of 'moar, moar, moar!'

Please do continue and show us all what you got!
6/10/2021 c18 21katmom
Uh oh…
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