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10/23/2022 c1 ilayhyams
Unlikeable mc
10/8/2022 c4 placid-void
I'm digging the story so far. Plenty of changes to canon to keep things fresh, an OP MC that doesn't go crazy with the power. Looking forward to more chapters!
9/16/2022 c4 BigTurner
Love the story really hope you continue with can’t wait to see you update
8/30/2022 c4 strikerstriker315
He'll yes koneko best girl yet give koneko all your first. I feel as tho MC will be meeting Risa pearage now
8/30/2022 c2 strikerstriker315
Yes please
8/14/2022 c4 Young Dr pepper
Oi drop those can you promised
7/18/2022 c4 VividSilverWolf
I love this please continue
5/25/2022 c4 Edgelord Evil Demon God
interesting, this story has a lot of potential, just, Don't abandon it...
5/5/2022 c4 Guest
Please continue Greek Saiyan God
4/24/2022 c4 Gwentor
Koneko is character created for pedophiles. Her weight and height are equal to 10 years old girl. She eat lot of sweet. What use pedophiles to get close to kids? Sweets. Koneko show little of emotions if any. What pedophiles don't want children to show after they rape them? Emotions. When you look at her, she looks like child and her mental age is around 8 years old if you look at it behavior.
4/23/2022 c2 Guest
honestly speaking this destiny bullshit bore me now
4/20/2022 c4 Guest
Please continue Greek god goku
4/19/2022 c4 1Alasiir The Ranger
I demand an immediate update to this intriguingly amazing story my talented author!
4/15/2022 c4 TrumpasaurusRex
'So I can gain rewards for seducing girls?'

[Yes, like I said before, depending on which girls you conquer and add to your harem, you will receive very nice rewards. These rewards vary depending on the beauty and strength of the women you add to your Harem. There is no "upper limit" to who or how many women you can conquer regardless of their race, strength, beauty, or marital status. I previously stated that you have the potential to bed goddesses and even women above that level. The rewards for doing that are unimaginable, so I would suggest adding a goddess to your harem when you get the opportunity. Besides the fact that with this power, you're pretty much living the male dream, this will be useful for leveling up, gaining new abilities, and opportunities for wealth, power, and influence the more your Harem grows. So even if you're not a so-called "pervert", it is still beneficial for you and your goals. And you're in DxD. You might as well use that to your advantage. As you cultivate power, there is no doubt you will catch the eyes of many great and majestic women. So you might as well use this to the best of your ability.]

4/15/2022 c4 2A Stifled User
Watching this story with great interest.

Kinda disappointing that Issei will still be around, It's always better when SIs take his place or just render him unimportant to the plot.

Obviously you've changed the setting and plot points already, but it will always be a little grating that you made your SI and Issei so intimately connected with the Quest

I believe he adds nothing. His personality is one dimensional and his skills are completely useless in the long run.

It would have been better to have the SI simply take over the place of Issei or just take his Sacred Gear away to keep him safe now that the MC has Secret Gear

The justification for helping Issei and make him strong is to keep him safe because his Sacred Gear puts him in danger.

Just remove his Sacred Gear, then and he is just a nameless human among billions which makes him just as safe, doubly so because his brother is shaping up to become strong too.

Issei simply feels like a useless character in an Insert story. Any effort you expand on changing his character or have him mature could have been better served on developing other more complex and interesting characters.

Still, the writing is pretty good and the execution is alright, for the most part, so I am excited to read more from you.
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