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for Camp Cretaceous: Rescue Operation

7/15 c1 Camp Fam
Please update every Friday and make the chapters longer.
6/17 c14 Minh Khue Nguyen
Can you please upload more chapters? This book is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
6/12 c14 7Ecaetheerein
Oh, boy. That's not good.
6/11 c14 6Shian1998
Glad Hap showed some decency here, even if he didn't quite redeem himself as much as his canon self did. Good that the enemy group has lost more members. Bye bye Mitch; you won't be missed, and hopefully Tiff will join you soon (and also Frank). And now E750 is there; that'll be a nasty surprise for them when they encounter it.
6/11 c14 11JurassicMilitary19
The Lost World: Jurassic Park returns. Good easter egg. Keep on this way. Oh, and could you insert a "Don't run into the long grass!" easter egg, please?
6/11 c14 1monsterjamvadim
Um ok? When did all these extra characters come in?
5/27 c1 7Ecaetheerein
Is this story discontinued?
5/24 c13 Guest
I guess the story’s been discontinued. It was pretty awkward, bringing in Mantah Corp, Biosyn, Dodgson, Mitch, Tiff and Hap. As if that wasn’t enough, we have countless others next to the 6 kids. The story was cool in the beginning, but then it was just disappointing.
4/23 c1 Camp Fam
What the hell is taking so long to post?! It’s been two months!
4/1 c13 6Shian1998
Good chapter. Sorry I took so long to get to this one. Liked that the enemy group has lost some of its members; that'll mean less problems for out heroes to deal with. I guess you've seen the second season, since Hap, Mitch and Tiff appeared here. How'd you like that season? I really enjoyed it. Hoping Hap turns out to be decent like in the show, as I liked him then. Hope Mitch and Tiff both die. Interesting that they've gone to the other island now. Wonder what'll happen there.

Looking forward to the next one! Also did you know season three has been announced and will arrive on the 21st of May?
3/26 c12 7Ecaetheerein
Is there going to be a new chapter? It's been over a month...
3/13 c1 Noah Mann
this is very interesting and all but it should have started when they are trying to survive and all and when both Darrius and Brooklyn are alone, Brooklyn confesses her feelings and Darrius confesses his feelings
3/7 c1 Molly Engh
Can you post every Friday? You have five days to post. Please post very soon. I love your fic. Please post very soon. Have a great week.
2/16 c13 Ecaetheerein
I like that the crew is more sympathetic to their captors than the captors themselves. Really shows where everyone's moral lines are.
2/12 c1 Molly Engh
Can you please post every Friday instead of every other Friday? That would be nice. Have a good weekend! I love your fanfic!
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