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10/23 c1 6Psychlinite
That’s so awesome! He totally does look that way! I love this! So cute!
9/29 c1 59PapayaK
I HAD to review! Your writing of Shawn is so insightful. He's so hard to write because he's so complicated. You nailed it. Shined light on certain facets of him without detracting from others. Good job! Now I have to re watch the episode!
9/27 c1 citylily
Nice one shot! I like her perspective about Shawn and Juliet. I never thought Shawn was smiling at anyonr specifically when leaving but this works.

Very amusing how the Chief knows how to glean what Shawn actually contributed through Lassie's gruff reports.

Agreed about her respect and affection for Juliet... well her whole team really.

Interesting and unique one shot. Really liked it. Thanks for posting.
9/26 c1 15shuuuliet
Ooh wow, I love your use of Martha! And I love the way Karen sees Juliet in this story. It's clear that she really respects her and her work, while she also has a deep affection for her. I love that.

The part about there being fewer snacks than usual in her secret hiding spot made me laugh. Pretty sure there's no a hidden Snickers Shawn and Gus couldn't find. :)

I also loved the reference to Shawn's score on the detective exam. Such a good indication of how highly Vick thinks of Shawn, regardless of his abilities. The reference to the incident with Lassiter's old partner was so well done too-never thought about how Vick would have seen that, but I appreciated how much she loves her whole team, and I really appreciated what comes next, the parts of Shawn she sees that he tries to hide.

"She could only imagine how Juliet must be feeling. Spencer's full attention, when bestowed on anyone, was all-encompassing. Everything else fell away. That was the nature of his curious magnetism. And Juliet mattered to him in a way that fell far beyond fancy or friendship." Oh, what gorgeous writing. So true of Shawn and of his feelings for Juliet. So beautifully written.

"But Shawn had tilted his hand at last-all hearts, thought Karen." Oh WOW. I love this so much. I love the way Vick sees them.

And Shawn knew all along! Doesn't miss a trick, that one. Wow, this was so good. I have to re-watch the scene to see the direction his smile is in. This was all so believable and in character. I loved it so much. So well-written and so, so good. I'm so glad you took up this challenge! Incredible.

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