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for Immortality Prolongs The Punishment

4/5 c1 2Takedo
Ah shit that ending was great.
12/17/2020 c1 4Nighthawk6595

Of all the things to expect, I did not expect to see Bayonetta in this one. I was caught completely off-guard since I was expecting a fight between Riser and Joker with either the Phantom Thief being victorious or Grayfia breaks up the fight.

Well since Riser decided to cause trouble in neutral territory, that chicken is on his own. Which leaves him open to pretty much the wrath of an Umbra Witch for practically burning her manor.
10/1/2020 c1 Rebiele
Lol, loved this humorous story/oneshot! Nice work!
9/27/2020 c1 calderoneric758
So where's dante th3 father
9/27/2020 c1 SolSparda369
One shot or not,this is good

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