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1/16 c20 yes
Can’t wait for the next update! Love your fic!
1/1 c14 Guest
I am pretty sure your naruto is bisexual.
12/29/2020 c1 sdpuffy
Rlly good story so far
12/22/2020 c20 14Multiplepairing
Very good chapter!
I'm curious about the mark on Sakura's neck.
I always disliked Sasuke, I hope he dies or at least gets what he deserves for being a criminal.
12/18/2020 c20 NobodySpecial78
If you made sakura a 2nd kyubi junchuriki I'm dropping this fic
12/18/2020 c20 Guest
Really good chapter loved it and really this cliffhanger ahhhhh!cant wait for the next chapter.
12/17/2020 c20 Guest
Omg wow what a great chapter! I was wondering if you were ever going to talk about how the first confession went and you didn’t disappoint as always. And the ending! I was so surprised can’t wait to see what happens next :)
12/17/2020 c19 Guest
I always get so excited to see an update! Your always throwing in these curve balls and I just love your writing style. I always thought Naruto and Sakura should have ended up together. I love how you’re not rushing there story it’s so much more realistic. If only this was the way the show really played out! I can’t wait to see where you take the story next
12/17/2020 c19 Guest
really love this story
12/16/2020 c19 Roniy
Good one here.
12/18/2020 c20 1JintoLin
I got mixed feelings about that bastard showing up but seeing as he did not blow up the door guess he is here not their to murder him just yet...

Guessing that mark on Sakura is a apology from Kurama for what happened to Naruto's parents as he could do a lot worse in container choices. But i am interested in learning more about what happened with the grumpy furball
12/18/2020 c20 Horntella
This story just won’t stop! I love it! The whole kyung chakra was GENIUS and super sweet. I cringed at the flashback when he basically rejected her but it was a good backstory. I was not expecting Sasuke to show up at the end, but I am HOOKED.

12/18/2020 c20 ItsAllOchreNow
Another good chapter with an exciting cliffhanger!
12/17/2020 c20 4bruins35
how dare you end on a cliffhanger! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DONE THIS! loved it
12/17/2020 c20 4Milly Kanzaki
Why? Why when I finally think it can't get much better, does this get so much better ?! It's incredible and orgasmic that you uploaded the other chapter very quickly and - oh my God I love you for that - but if you're going to keep making me want more every time I read, you're going to generate me a problem of literary dependency!
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