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8/11 c1 NaaMaloom
8/10 c63 4Monster King
8/8 c1 Guest
The story is good, except for one thing. At the level of power that Naruto is at, he should not be getting his ass kicked in fights before winning. Especially since he could curbstomp almost everyone in DxD if he wanted to.
8/6 c63 Grappler
Sorry if it's too many, though it wound be cool if Naruto did the have a crossover with Ben-to though personally i Would of made a few differences like making similar to Bloody roar can you guess why?.
8/6 c63 Nicholas
Bitches like her are the reason i like Werewolves better then Vampires.
8/5 c63 6Neko Twins Kagamine
Nice chapter
8/5 c63 Date A Fanfiction
copying a rinnegan without understanding the power of it is pure idiotic.
8/5 c1 NotYourDad
What fvcking cringe lmao, this is no better than the first one, same trash
8/5 c1 NotYourDad
What fvcking cringe lmao
8/5 c63 Dasgun
8/4 c63 20redlox2
So her Rinnegan in her palms were basically like Momoshiki? Glad she died just saying even in canon Rosario Vampire she didn’t have redeemable traits.
8/4 c63 SolSparda369
Well looks like Akasha defeated her opponent Stone cold... eh. Oh come on you got to admit that fight Rocked right?
Alright alright no more puns. Still thou, someone from Naruto’s group should probably look into that research Gyokuro did. Or if someone else gave Gyokuro the material to make it.
If she managed to recreate an imperfect version of rinnegan. Maybe there’s some notes or better a lab Gyokuro left cause Way Too Important to just be ignored. Considering what said power of a actual rinnegan has that should be really terrifying if someone else managed to recreate it perfectly.
8/4 c63 bednarczykmiki
Dang,Gyokuro lost pretty much all her sanity
8/4 c63 calderoneric758
Remember when I said about tanamo arc where someone steals her body why not lance and make an inferior divide dividing gear like in the canon of dxd but the clones look like lance
8/2 c62 Rexol
This Story is so GOOD but damn man the Gut's theme is always queued up with a the sad shit that happens
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