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9/30/2020 c1 empetiness
hector uzumaki? really dude,? i mean, really?
9/30/2020 c1 Koshiro Unohana
Nice start. It looks like a promising fic. Keep it up.
9/29/2020 c1 Abdur Rauf Aymaan
Maaan you sound depressed. Your story isnt too bad. Though I can't really say because i've only read a single chap. But your writing is legible and the premise isnt complete trash so you still have hope. Keep up updating and I'll keep reading. Now, update rate matters more to me than word count but word count is important too. like don't make the chaps too short. maybe around 2-4k to start you off. if you can manage, increase your word count later. but the update rate is more important. If you take too long between updates, the readers( such as myself) will forget about your story and when it finally updates, will be confused. when readers have that state of mind, they will judge your work harshly. If you need time, tell first if possible else we might think that you just dropped the story and remove it from our reading list. If you need a break but can't tell us, you should maybe upload extra chaps to make up for it as bait.
Anyways, thanks for the chap and hope you update soon.
PS. how old are you? If you are older and give shitty chaps I might give you a hard time.
9/29/2020 c1 The-Anti-Akuma
Seems decent so far. I'm starting to dislike how every single Naruto Fanfiction i've read decides to make improving Naruto's life a priority. I mean I get it, but before we see him plan anything for the future, he decides he should help Naruto.
9/29/2020 c1 22Blueowl
Intriguing start with definite potential, especially with this as your first story.
I'm glad you jumped right in and summed up what didn't need to be hashed out with excruciating detail like other authors do.
Looking forward for more. If you haven't already, try to make an outline of your future parts and consider side effects of events. It'll help prevent plot holes.
9/29/2020 c1 Jorodac
Good enough start for a first try. I found some sort of enjoyment in this introduction.
9/29/2020 c1 talltree3
what a great start to a gamer story and a fire embalm style is so inspired

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