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10/1 c4 Beverly
Beautiful story! All 4 chapters were awesome! Thank you for sharing!
10/1 c3 LovingmesomeMK
So Sweet! Think you could write some more?
10/2 c4 52shari
I love how you gave glimpse into the future of Katy. Also how kitty remembers her first meeting of Matt. Just sweet. Love how instead of Doc taking care of kitty , kitty is now lovingly taken on that role for Doc. Very well done
10/2 c4 MaryRoseEllen
Aw that was really sweet. It's nice to imagine that this could have been the life our favorite characters had, thank you for putting words on our imaginings!
10/2 c4 57lostcowgirl
I do love this chapter even if I commented on it before you posted it here. This is a terrific story of close friends & family aging together.
9/30 c1 LovingmesomeMK
Loved this wonderful accounting of my Gunsmoke family. So enjoy your writing, and glad you're apart of our family.
10/1 c3 lostcowgirl
Ah, Matt & Doc playing checkers just as they do in each other's offices. Like the rest of this birthday celebration you do a great job bringing in elements of the path, but presented in new ways. This was a most enjoyable, finely crafted story. However, as I mentioned elsewhere the ending had me thrown for a loop until you revealed Doc was JUST sleeping & dreaming of his lost love.
10/1 c2 lostcowgirl
Great to have Doc & Festus not only fishing together but to have Festus give Doc a new rod. In the past Doc & Festus always argued over which rod worked best. It was a wonderful touch to have Festus make a pole for Doc as his present to Doc on his 85th birthday.
9/30 c2 52shari
Festus and Doc relationship truly special. The fishing pole so special. Love Doc knowing about the party. Festus has wisdom that isn’t learnt in books. Doc understands what Festus is saying
9/30 c1 52shari
Love that Doc is retiring. Newly giving doc his dignity and proper respect by letting kitty help him down the stairs was very telling Loved the description of Matt and kitty’s family. It was hilarious doc telling kitty no more babies
9/30 c1 lostcowgirl
I always thought it made the most sense for Newly to become a doctor & to do what he could for his mentor as the much older man slowed down. It also makes sense to me for Matt & Kitty to provide a home for Doc in his retirement. He's so much the father to them that acts in place of the one Matt lost & the one who never was fatherly to Kitty. Given that premise Matt & Kitty's children would naturally look upon Doc as a grandfather, yet, being the children of 2 independent people follow their own paths in life. Great beginning to a post GS story.
9/29 c1 52shari
This was a very sweet look at grumpy ol Doc. Love that he retired to Matt and kitty’s. Love that he also got his family. Loved him telling kitty she and Matt needed to stop what they were doing to get those kids.
9/29 c1 nanajojo
Wonderful ️

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