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1/25 c7 9Dragon Man 180
I'm honestly amazed Ino and Hinata haven't beat down the fangirls chasing Naruto yet. I can't wait to see how interactions with Asia go, but I can totally see Ino and Hinata becoming big sister figures to her.
1/25 c7 85KristinalUzumakiPrime23
wow nice chapter hope you get more done and the meeting between Asia and Naruto will commence soon.
1/25 c3 3Lawrence H. Bain
Uhmmm... I haven't actually read chapter 3 at the moment as this is more aimed towards the authors note in the beginning.

See the problem is for me.. I'm a pairing guy... a lot of the deciding factor in if I either read or continue reading a story is based around pairing... it's not all pairing but it heavily influences my decision.

When I first clicked on this story I wasn't even thinking about Yasaka or where she was going to be in it... By the end of chapter two I had subconsciously come to the conclusion that I wanted her to be paired with Naruto. They just worked in my mind... they clicked...

Now if she wasn't going to really be in the story or really relevant at all I wouldn't mind if she was paired with him or not... admittedly it might bother me for a bit but I'd get over it.

But for her to still be relevant to the story as a mother figure... got to say not a fan of it and it takes me to a maybe on continuing the story... but hearing that she might also be paired with Kurama... ya no if that's the case I'm out.

With both of those being a possibility I'm going to walk away from the story for a bit and keep an eye on it to see how it goes for awhile until I make my decision... who knows maybe something will be done that makes me completely disregard the whole Yasaka thing.

Finally I just want to make it clear I'm not saying this to make you change you're mind... in fact if I hadn't already reviewed chapter two I wouldn't be writing this... but I have and so I am... that and I prefer to give my opinion on these kind of things.
1/25 c7 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Welp...interrogation was successful. Now! NEXT CHAAPTAaaaw maan. No more chaptah...I WANT MORE DAMNIIIIIT!
1/25 c5 Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Try this fic but instead of landing in DXD universe, he ends up in the Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon universe or all three spontaneously awaken their spark and end up in Magic the Gathering universe on either Elderaine or Tarkir. Hell even Elder Scrolls Skyrim or Borderlands(Number 2...or 3. Preferably 2)would be a good choice.
1/25 c2 3Lawrence H. Bain
Oh man I hope at least Yasaka is paired with him... after Rias she is my favorite to be paired with him...
1/25 c6 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Rias better pull that Silver-Tounge out ah blue fuck or shit might just go down up in dis mo-fo. NEXT CHAAPTAAH!
1/25 c4 Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Fangirl Hunts and Koneko given cookies with a cat ear hairband. ALSO funny!
1/25 c3 Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Whiskers shall rule da world with their cute...-ness.
1/25 c2 Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Yasaka and Kanou find him in da park while everyone else runs around like chickens with their head cut off. That's funny! LOL
1/25 c1 Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Don't know WHY I didn't notice Awesome Sauce like THIS...I feel like an effin dumbass bruh! ...Oh well. NEXT CHAAPTAAAH!
1/25 c7 17Scott the Wanderer
One major correction. Rias did not use Issei as bait! She was merely attempting to protect a person who was not yet aware they were part of a war. The moment Issue was rocketed he was part of the war as he had a Sacred Gear. In terms Naruto would be made re familiar with he is a Jinchuuriki. Except nobody did it to him. The only protection any Sacred Gear holder has is by joining a faction. They are not bystanders. Rise was actually doing her level best to allow Issei as much time outside of the war as possible.

As for Naruto hating lies because he could feel the negative emotions, the people who lied to him most did it out of concern for him. He actually would have felt far more negative feelings from the people who told the truth about how they felt. The emotions he would feel should have much more impact in his mind than actual truthfulness. After all many lies a ninja would tell would be for good reasons. Again hating liars means he has to hate Hinata, Ino, and himself. Hating people who lie for no good reason would be much more an empathy style.

So far your Naruto, Hinata, and Ino are forgetting some truths about operational security. They are also forgetting they are in a new world and there are some different rules.

Realistically they are due a visit (and curb stomping) by some Sirzechs peerage as he won't take to kindly to an unknown threat near his sister. And forget about operational he trio being to escape them. Academy years Konohamaru would have better shot beating Orochimaru in his prime.
1/25 c7 fanficreader71
Great chapter I enjoyed reading it
1/25 c7 Dasgun
1/24 c7 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Curiosity when Naruto was done with the Fallen Angel, did he let it go or did he eat her? I mean either way she's got information that could be harmful later, thus she can't be set free.
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