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for Kiss of Death

4/30 c6 FoxSage001
4/23 c6 Average Simulated Sleeper
I have read up to this point and I'm gonna say that this is quite interesting. Your wordings on the fanfics kinda feels like I'm about to go tap-dancing in a fairy tale, mostly the whole "once upon a time", not trying to be rude but it felt like that. Overall, nice chapter, I hope you have a good time writing more chapters along the way
4/23 c2 XiVerSs
i just wanted to ask, but since Naruto devoured Kaguya even if he didn't swam into the pool of darkness would he still be an immortal?
4/22 c6 3ProfesorGoblitz
1). That thanos line is a bit weird considering the fact naruto doesn’t believe in destiny,

2). Ok Loki and Morrigan, are they from a certain anime/book/cartoon/etc? Or is it just Loki from the myth and Morrigan from what I’m going to assume is from Arthurian myths fro now until proven wrong
4/22 c5 ProfesorGoblitz

1). Eri is from My Hero Academia
2).Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill
3).Wienne...you mentioned where she’s from from earlier chapters I believe, though I completely forgot
4). Where is Morrigan from?
4/22 c6 19NeoNazo356
Murdering children in their beds... Dark.
The idea of making an Academy would definitely get at his craw, and the Rune that makes it so Ozpin can never ambush them directly was a great idea, but I still feel like painting him as a False Shepard so he can't recruit anyone EVER would be a viable strategy as well. Not to say that the current strategy of out-breeding his forces doesn't have merit TOO...
I wonder what kind of stuff a fully-realized Loki could pull off.
4/19 c6 Zipzapdoowoop
Me likey. More please oh great one. Btw, you are a legendary figure in this site. Maybe I'm just stating what you already know, so don't let the hate get to you. You have the respect of the platform, and many loyal fans like me. Love u man.
4/18 c6 Azrael237
I don't know what Loki you are talking about.
If possible could you make a list of naruto and salem's children and which series they come from.
All in all I really enjoy this story and all of your other stories as well.
4/17 c6 ManticoreBlues
love the fanfiction, I don't quite know how I feel about where your seeming to take this fanfic but it seems really good so far. it'll be interesting to see how the world is during the "cannon" time period. I love your depiction of Ozma, it's nice to see someone who recognises that the conflict is his fault in almost If not every way
4/16 c6 JR277
Espléndido capítulo
4/16 c6 Pabs117
The chapter was great, i feel bad for Ozma, but he is very stubborn, i love Narutos kids, Loki from marvel and Erza form frozen. Can't wait to see all the kid together, jejeje.
4/15 c6 human dragon
An amazing chapter like always my friend great job :)
4/15 c6 WhateverPlus
I like this chapter, continue please.
4/13 c6 Yagami Kuzuki
wow fics dry as shit with all u writing some Gary sue shitty fics u really need to delete all ur stories and take a look of ur writing u stupid ass bitch
4/12 c6 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es asombroso, todavía no entiendo porque los fics y cruces de Naruto son muy populares incluso cuando yo mismo trato de hacer una historia tengo a Naruto como protagonista
Jajaja ese tipo va a ser inmortal en la mente de futuras generaciones
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