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for The Son of Giovanni : Kanto Arc

10/12 c2 682mary.okeeffe.16
I love the part where Meowth said, You Are A Real Family
10/9 c4 18Crazycartoons5488
Bert bond with The Talking Eevee and ash and his friends are shock to see bert pokemon Talking Eevee.
10/9 c4 1austin012603
Another great chapter. And definitely looking forward to seeing when the two if them get together . Also looking forward to Unova if you do end up doing it.
10/8 c3 18Crazycartoons5488
I have an idea Bert can get a Talking Eevee.
10/8 c3 1austin012603
Great motto. I love to see Jessie with a Jigglypuff . I always wanted her to have that instead if Lickitug.

Also I know you said you might not do Unova or the newer regions. I think you should at least do Unova and Kalso.
10/7 c2 austin012603
Great chapter. I'm really enjoying this story so far. When do you plan to get Jessie and Bert together ? Also how come Bert hasn't gotten another pokemon since his 10th. And do you plan on explaining his mother died?
10/7 c1 682mary.okeeffe.16
Dig the OC, and I never thought that Bert had a crush on Jessie.
10/7 c2 NightShock99
I'm honored that you decided to use my motto. I can't wait to see more!
10/3 c1 NightShock99
So is this basically a rewrite of the show, but with a new Team Rocket member. Cause I’m not going too lie, that sounds like it could be fun.
10/1 c1 1austin012603
I like the scene with Jessie basically being hit by love at first sight and Bert basically flirting with her. I think it will be kind of hard to say the motto with three people unless two of them say a line at the same time or each get a line instead of constantly switching from Jessie and James back and forth up until it finally Meowth turn.

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