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6/14 c39 Guest
Um your not gonna give up on this fic
cause this is actually a good one
6/11 c39 suliganagongorova
Very interesting. I look forward to continuing your work
6/5 c39 Guest
Please don’t stop with this story , it’s so good , I can’t wait when eclipsa shows up
5/25 c39 Guest
OH Tenya scolding Star like Marco
so hopefully they end up together
its like they balance each other
kinda like Star parents
5/25 c38 Starinteris
Star y Tenya impresionante creo que nuca había visto este emparejamiento ciertamente muy original, viendo esto es cierto lo que dicen los opuestos se atraen.
5/25 c39 4King of Fans
Good character

The magic feather thing is surprisingly accurate, despite their ignorance. As it’s both real magic, and the fact Star technically can now perform magic without the wand but doesn’t fully realize it yet.

I like how the green disappeared when Star try to save one of her classmates.

Yay it’s probably a good idea too avoid magic for the most part until Glossaryck gives her to go ahead.

Lastly I am curious to see what happens next chapter.
5/25 c39 Guest
Please let Star and Tenya be together
there are thousands of fic where
its either Shoto, Midoriya or Katsuku
poor Tenya doesnt get many love fic
plus hes the type to be responsible
but also mess up at times like Marco did
its cute
5/23 c39 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
This chapter is awesome...
5/23 c39 10Plumalchemyst
5/23 c39 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and man that was nuts XD
5/23 c39 7Hikari Ino
awesome job I like the change
5/12 c38 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
This story... I laugh, I cried, I got emotional at the evil tentacle... My jaw dropped and I inhaled forever. When baby comes will Aizawa needs looking at him?
5/2 c1 87Big Diesel
4/30 c38 4King of Fans
Good character

I am like how Star said i sort of beat you when it comes to dipping down.

Well things just got interesting on the romantic front.

good idea on using the in story time gap between The internships and the midterms too Cover a large chunk of season two of star. It both makes sense when it comes to timeline timelines and we are running a little behind on the Star vs portion of the crossover. Plus, this would allow AU to properly assess her current abilities before the hero vs. student battles.

Lastly well at least they would be in an isolated area when Cloudy transforms into a typhoon.
4/24 c38 1thewittywhy
Nice chapter. Though after recently rereading the saint Olga chapter, I don't think Bakugo will let Deku live that one down.
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