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for (SCP RWBY) Experiment-1-2020

9/1 c11 notanyone19
Ha! Salem thinks she can kill the Scarlet King
8/4 c1 Purple Guys
Also SCP 1440, the old man from nowhere who made a deal with the brothers of death.
8/4 c1 Purple Guys
Could you try SCP SCP-963?
8/4 c15 duncanquan007
ooh~ the first 001, my favorite one is "when day breaks" it's just so horrific in how it is, like the whole world becomes melted flesh beings, and the only survivors are people who had not been exposed to light from the sun(or moon) and to stay that way you need to bundle up more than if you are going into a blizzard and not let any light touch your skin.
8/3 c15 4TheHakd
so hey, when you make an announcement saying you will be having a discord server, you should have provided an invite link, cause i dont think people can join a discord server just by knowing its name
8/2 c15 12Wombag1786
Happy Birthday.
7/5 c14 2MasterrangerABR
I feel obliged to point out that the Dragonslayer SCP exists and is a against robot, so rule 51 is a bit poorly worded.
5/21 c11 BiggestDouchebag
Hey, it's the fucking Big Boss ending. Damn was that seriously iconic and good especially the damn music. Also, FOR THE GREATER GOOD!
5/17 c12 Night furry 4543
682 please
5/3 c14 Guest
Is the Department of abnormalities Canon to your universe?
4/12 c14 5Combine117
13. No one shoul get into a fight without me~

15.2: You know, that's fair. I don't think I can handle the absolut of regulating such chaotic individuals.

28.5: I'm flattered, but why am I Famine? Is it because I end up with ammo shortages?

66. Damn right I'm not, I'm a goddamn DLC boss! Only available through me or my superior's own benefit.

74. For god's sake, is that why I have like half of my men are in the medbay?

100.1: They're lucky if they have me, the worst they could end up with is head trauma in varying degrees.

Had a good laugh out of this one, looking forward to your next updates!
4/10 c14 Guest
Gamers against weed when
4/8 c14 1Mr. Crazy-Bones
While it is rather hilarious, I noticed a few mistakes, like the females referred to as males, and other doctors having their names mentioned, and then addressed as bright. Other than that, brilliant!

Also, said questions are one I am ready to ask, but I should say there are clearance levels with some, with good reason. 835, 4715, 1000, 4000, 2000, and more show the reason why some have less access than others, and with 2317, only the ones with the highest authority would know the truth, less the rest cause mass panic and demoralization.

The real question is: Are the Remnant crew ready to learn what lengths the Foundation goes to to protect mankind and creation at large? Because the sacrifice of infants is just scratching the surface of acts they have done to Secure, Contain, and Protect.
4/2 c14 Guest
God I love that list
4/1 c14 DefinitelyNotTrayzn
if salem somehow manages to meet the low/high eldergods they would probably tell her to fuck off and feed her right into the library where nahash would constantly nag her with snake jokes or just throw her to 's factory.
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