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6/4 c1 Althea Ricks Sorilla
Hoping to know what would happens next please.
5/29 c9 Gabrielle Elizabeth Dionisio
Update soon please authorrrr
5/15 c9 2merendinoemiliano
Lovely and funny chapter, can't wait to see a meeting with Boa
4/8 c8 Gabrielle Elizabeth Dionisio
Update please author
3/24 c8 katrinaisabelafclaro0120
Moreeee pleaseeee
1/31 c8 Althea Ricks Sorilla
Next update please
1/19 c8 CheLou86
Update please
1/13 c8 1Shadow Wolf 15846
lol! loved it!
1/3 c8 James Birdsong
Cool fanfic
1/1 c8 42AngelFallenDemon
loved the chapter and how Ace became a Guardian of little usagi-chan. now I want luffy's reaction and marco's
1/1 c8 2merendinoemiliano
Very good introspection altrough I hope for a better explanation about how he was taken there. Best of luck with everything, happy new year.
12/27/2020 c7 CheLou86
Love it.
Please update make it double hehehe
12/4/2020 c7 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Lol! That was funny
12/2/2020 c7 Althea Ricks Sorilla
I'm excited to know what would be the content of the next chatpter
11/29/2020 c7 2merendinoemiliano
Quite funny chapter, curious to see more
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