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2/1 c46 6Sailor Root
answer: Simple! An over-powered, self made spell and burn it into the ground!
2/1 c44 Sailor Root
Answer to chapter 44: Dear, my sweetling and paperdoll
2/1 c41 Sailor Root
Professor Flitwick or Bathsheba. One for dueling and the other for runes. Why? Fight or strike.
2/1 c39 Sailor Root
Answer to chapter 39: An artifact that I have in mind for a long time. It's called KeyBreak. What it does is the manipulation over any creature, (human, magical creatures, animals) limits. Be it physical, mental and magic. But the price... the price is that your body will either break or implode on itself thus killing you if you're not careful and go over the limit break that your body can contain.

"An oddly shape key that took the form of a fallen star. Beware the limits you gain, lest you wish for a painful death."

KeyBreak: rank D
1/31 c24 Sailor Root
Answer to chapter 24- a spell that create a physical manifestation of god's wrath. or in other words, a highly overpowered lightning bolt that disintegrated you and left nothing behind.
1/31 c4 Ksitigarbha
Wow, that logic in regard to Fenrir is really fucked up. It's like saying society looks down on rape victims, so I'm gonna rape until there are so many rape victims, society has to change. I mean the dude likes to turn children who have nothing to do with the shunning going on into werewolves, boohoo he didn't have it easy as werewolf, what a fucking joke.
astounded! I'm so enjoying your story, TY
1/2 c7 Jolteon0
Ravenclaw, or *maybe* Hufflepuff. Definitely not Griffindor, and probably not slytherin.
1/2 c3 Jolteon0
Muggleborn family or halfblood. That way I'd have access to both worlds growing up.
12/27/2023 c21 6sfjoellen
my witch name? Morticia.. because the Gomez/Morticia tango is one of the best things on film.
12/25/2023 c12 sfjoellen
which professor? Sluggy, as horrible as his parties were, stood with McG and Kingsley against Tom in the final fight. Not him though.. the Slug Club is beyond the pale. Lupin, I guess.. or the real Moody.
12/23/2023 c2 sfjoellen
magical guardian: Andromeda Tonks.

good story, thanks for writing.
10/26/2023 c49 17Child of Dreams
10/26/2023 c36 Child of Dreams
Savings account.
10/26/2023 c32 Child of Dreams
Dumbledore knows, doesn't he?
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