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for Harry Potter and the Bucket List

11/30 c23 Autiser
My biggest fear is losing control over my mind so I have no idea how the boggart will transform
11/30 c16 Autiser
Rowena Ravenclaw
11/27 c29 39Kaiimei
I just realized, she could have said to Dumbledore "A hunch like Peter Pettigrew." to really cement that she sometimes knows more than she should.

It would fit with her being able to play off anything extra as being able to see extra things, as such being able to 'see' that if she wasn't chosen, Harry would be, and as she knew for a fact she was better suited for it than him, it was the obvious choice.
11/26 c3 Kaiimei
Oh my god I actually love how she treats Kreacher like an actual intelligent being and not like just some dumb creature.
11/26 c1 Kaiimei
My very first item would be to ensure that Peter Pettigrew suffered as much as I could physically make him suffer.
11/25 c67 GoldenEel
Just binge read this over the course of two days and I’m sad now XD. Great job loved your story very much fell in love with your characters. Thanks for writing this great piece.
11/25 c3 T M C A W
orphan muggle-born so I can do stuff like use magic to steal from criminals becoming rich without all the hassle of being watched by parents or deal with pureblood traditions and etiquette
11/23 c10 Geek-God of Speed
I’m loving this but the worgen thing is stupid
11/23 c42 gladiusquinn
Ch apter 42
The jinx I would use would back them feel the urgent need to pee. Like 3 seconds from peeing you pants need to pee. And it would last 5 minutes
11/22 c16 Guest
This looked to be a good story like your Sakura that I read first and enjoyed, but you totally lost me with Rosie letting herself be possessed by Tom's diary. I genuinely have no idea what you were thinking.
I get that you like redeeming "bad guys" in stories but this is far too unbelievable. She watched him murder her parents and attempt to murder her brother and is still trying to save an early version of him by letting him possess her willingly? Seriously, WTF?!
11/20 c57 19HinataSoup
whats your wattpad and ao3 profile to see the Rosie x Tom sketch.
love the story
11/17 c49 HinataSoup
aww... would of loved to hear Sirius and Dumbledore's perspective as well.
love the story, missed out and wish more interludes were present.
11/14 c38 HinataSoup
I love this episode/chapter and how Sirius calls her out on it... but is also scared by how she does the scandals.
he is just trying not too overthink about Rosie's plots.
11/13 c5 Lioness
holy shit
this is too precious
11/13 c3 Lioness
Have I mentioned how much I love this bucket list so far? Cause I do
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