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for Harry Potter and the Bucket List

5/21 c67 3LilinAnade
Thanks for writing this story!
I love to read every words of it, really amazing.
Good luck with your next project!
5/18 c5 AnimeAxe
My fav HP crossover is deffinatly HP/Sherlock
4/26 c1 Guest
Recién termine el capitulo 1 sin saber realmente de qué se trata el fic, parece prometedor incluso si nunca leo esta temática de reencarnar en los libros de Harry Potter
4/7 c31 OtakuChan4Life
I'm swooning ><
4/7 c26 OtakuChan4Life
My heart couldn't take Rosie and Booboo at the end <3
4/7 c14 OtakuChan4Life
This chapter was really fascinating, the usual go to explanation of magic is "muggle" science/logic in HP. Love this version!
4/7 c12 OtakuChan4Life
I can't stop laughing am the bonus scene
3/24 c16 Molenir
And I'm out. Reforming Greyback was already stretching things. Horcrux Tom, nope, thats a bridge too far.
3/19 c65 A Bookworm's Invocation
my favorite thing about your name switch for Lunar Orchard/Orchid is that this is my 5th time rereading this story (i love it so much aaaaaaaa) and i still. Still. don't pick up on it until i get to this chapter and go "huh. right. the author did that."
3/6 c67 1AlexanderDePaz
Blew through this in three days and my god was it a journey. 10/10 from me and lots of love.
3/5 c42 Guest
2/1 c46 6Sailor Root
answer: Simple! An over-powered, self made spell and burn it into the ground!
2/1 c44 Sailor Root
Answer to chapter 44: Dear, my sweetling and paperdoll
2/1 c41 Sailor Root
Professor Flitwick or Bathsheba. One for dueling and the other for runes. Why? Fight or strike.
2/1 c39 Sailor Root
Answer to chapter 39: An artifact that I have in mind for a long time. It's called KeyBreak. What it does is the manipulation over any creature, (human, magical creatures, animals) limits. Be it physical, mental and magic. But the price... the price is that your body will either break or implode on itself thus killing you if you're not careful and go over the limit break that your body can contain.

"An oddly shape key that took the form of a fallen star. Beware the limits you gain, lest you wish for a painful death."

KeyBreak: rank D
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