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1/2 c7 Jolteon0
Ravenclaw, or *maybe* Hufflepuff. Definitely not Griffindor, and probably not slytherin.
1/2 c3 Jolteon0
Muggleborn family or halfblood. That way I'd have access to both worlds growing up.
12/27/2023 c21 6sfjoellen
my witch name? Morticia.. because the Gomez/Morticia tango is one of the best things on film.
12/25/2023 c12 sfjoellen
which professor? Sluggy, as horrible as his parties were, stood with McG and Kingsley against Tom in the final fight. Not him though.. the Slug Club is beyond the pale. Lupin, I guess.. or the real Moody.
12/23/2023 c2 sfjoellen
magical guardian: Andromeda Tonks.

good story, thanks for writing.
10/26/2023 c49 17Child of Dreams
10/26/2023 c36 Child of Dreams
Savings account.
10/26/2023 c32 Child of Dreams
Dumbledore knows, doesn't he?
10/26/2023 c26 Child of Dreams
I would love a unicorn patronus...
10/26/2023 c24 Child of Dreams
Tom attended Hogwarts from 1938 to 1945, why is he using 1920s slang?
10/26/2023 c19 Child of Dreams
10/26/2023 c18 Child of Dreams
10/26/2023 c10 Child of Dreams
10/26/2023 c9 Child of Dreams
Does Peeves count?
If not, then the Fat Friar.
10/26/2023 c9 Child of Dreams
If they're first years, they're eleven not ten.
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