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10/26/2023 c6 17Child of Dreams
Probably either Willow or English Oak...
10/26/2023 c7 Child of Dreams
10/26/2023 c3 Child of Dreams
10/19/2023 c67 The Crimson Thief
This was a great story, glad I read it worth it, so much humor and epicness!
10/4/2023 c5 tfuinsah
On the point of Fenrir, even in this story he is self-portrayed as the villain. Taking the blame for werewolf attacks where families are murdered because of an out of control werewolf makes them bad, not good. He might not have done it, but it's proof that werewolves will become uncontrollable under the full moon. Purposely leaving his traces behind, of course he's going to be blamed, he's literally planting the evidence. If the werewolves didn't attack anyone for a single century the curse would die out. Trying to dress up a serial killer as someone redeemable isn't working.
10/4/2023 c4 tfuinsah
I understand the rhetoric about Fenrir, but befriending him is equivalent to befriending a literal terrorist, it makes no sense.
9/13/2023 c67 JimSilver
Gosh this made me smile, I love it so much!
9/10/2023 c52 Talzon
9/9/2023 c42 Talzon
The spell would be a special use but it would just make anyone violently shit their pants.
9/9/2023 c39 Talzon
I would call it the Psyonik Dampner. It would be used to create a null field that suppresses all magical signatures besides the ones programmed into it. The price would be that unless multiple people were powering it it can feed off of ALL the magic from the one who uses it until there is nothing left.
9/8/2023 c38 Talzon
The creation and introduction of technomancy and the mixing kf both worlds to oush out past the stars.
9/8/2023 c37 Talzon
I would wanna be a Hippo. It would be like being a giant tubby puppy tank that can wreck anything in its way.
9/8/2023 c34 Guest
The Knife Game aka Five Finger Filet.
9/8/2023 c33 Talzon
Favourite Pairing is Tonks And Harry. The two balance each other out very nicely.
9/7/2023 c28 Guest
A delightful evening would be sitting on The Cliff at the End of all Things with a nice blanket, picnic and blunts I could want with a good friend beside me to talk as we watch the cosmos dance through entropy and rebirth.
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