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9/3/2023 c14 XiaoYueMao
Two years late but i had a thought reading this chapter, what if she used living basilisk blood in a recreated version of this ritual... could Rosaline become a weresilisk? that would be epic
8/7/2023 c8 Guest
Despite being a self-insert, I thought it could be good given what you're doing with Greyback, but then of course she's gonna take over Slytherin and nobody will have enough brains or power to stop her.
8/2/2023 c40 SofiaLSAN15
If this happens, I'm gonna cry and cry and cry. The point pf a fanfic is to do whatever you please! And if they all die... What's the point?
8/2/2023 c23 SofiaLSAN15
My own fear thrown in my face...
8/2/2023 c11 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
Well, you’ve gotten the obvious choices (fred and george), so I think I’ll spice it up and say no one
8/2/2023 c10 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
Werewolves any day! Just don’t see them on a bad moon—I mean, full moon.
8/2/2023 c9 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
Is that even a question? Of course it’s my poor guy Nick, whom got ignored on his death day. It was very sad. Curse you, Headless Hunt!
8/2/2023 c8 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
How would I spend my free time at Hogwarts? Idk, probably trying out the secret passageways or reading books in the library. Or practicing spells. It seems a lot more fun than actual schoolwork.
8/1/2023 c4 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
My favorite magical/mythical creature by far would be the thestral. The combination of misguided predjudice, beauty, and sense of peace one gets from observing such a creepy yet fascinating creature—skeleton horsedragon— is almost intoxicating, although I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was sweetening my words.
8/1/2023 c4 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
I admit, I’m kind of fawning over this OOC version of Fenrir Grayback, a person I detested before this. I am also interested in where this is going…ALRIGHT I’LL SAY IT. Who’s a good boyyy
8/1/2023 c3 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
I would, obviously, either be in a neutral pureblood family or a neutral halfblood family. Of course, a family at all would be something of a hinderance of you aim for big things, but that would only be the case if they disapproved of your actions or didn’t allow you resources. Hence my choice(s). I would need resources and/or trustworthy information when first learning magic, wouldn’t I?
8/1/2023 c2 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
I would have Mr. Moody be my guardian so I can have some of the sweet sweet vigelance and also be very educated. Education is my primary concern in a world such as Harry Potter. That shit comes in handy.
8/1/2023 c1 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
1. Kill stupid dumb idiot disease-ridden doofenshmirts-but-not-funny bitch rat man. That’s my answer. It’s the only answer, actually. Oh, that or to kill Umbridge because she’s a stupid whore that should know what being boiled alive feels like.
7/24/2023 c1 fantawelta
I really dislike curse child
7/23/2023 c56 w0if
here she wants to figure out how to take pictures of memories, and they both dont know if/how that can be done, but somehow rita did this at the start of book 5, and she even sent her the memory expecting her to do that
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