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8/1/2023 c1 Onlymaybeandthatsabigmaybe
1. Kill stupid dumb idiot disease-ridden doofenshmirts-but-not-funny bitch rat man. That’s my answer. It’s the only answer, actually. Oh, that or to kill Umbridge because she’s a stupid whore that should know what being boiled alive feels like.
7/24/2023 c1 fantawelta
I really dislike curse child
7/23/2023 c56 w0if
here she wants to figure out how to take pictures of memories, and they both dont know if/how that can be done, but somehow rita did this at the start of book 5, and she even sent her the memory expecting her to do that
7/10/2023 c35 IAmSoTired
"Question: Favorite game (not video gameAnswer: Bullshit"
Yes, I do love playing a game of bullshit with my sister on Wednesdays.
7/10/2023 c12 IAmSoTired
That bonus scene, lmao
7/8/2023 c29 fasdsadfasd
If she is then harry wont be? Logically thats false as if someone wanted to enter him like in canon it would be a fourth house and he would be entered ALONGSIDE her. As he wasnt... you are proven wrong. Just author fiat stations of canon because you are too unoriginal to come up with your own plot ideas.
7/8/2023 c18 afasdfasdf
And she gets possesed by the book just like every other author fiat Self insert... dear god be original and not stick to stations of canon
7/4/2023 c67 L
7/4/2023 c64 L
booboo! That dementor is such a great idea I can't event!
7/4/2023 c56 Guest
Also, re:your end note here, I would Love to see fanfic with Gandalf Dumbledore and skulduggery pleasant adsfghjkl that sounds like a wild ride!
7/4/2023 c56 L
Omg I am Obsessed with this story! Your writing is so great and Rosie and Tom are awesome characters! I'd be scared if I had to meet them irl but by God they're great to read about! :D pity they're kinda OCs because I wish I could keep reading fics about them forever. I don't even usually read HP fics anymore bc jkr and all, but I saw this one in sbs favs and clicked and now just binged through it in a day or two I don't even remember exactly when I started reading it... awesome, absolutely awesome!
6/28/2023 c67 embracethebright
Well done! I love the twist with everyone being reborn into the new world after Rosie and Tom. I would love updates on Draco as King of the Snakes. and the rest of the HP kids with their memories at Hogwarts. I love the hindsight of Sirius befriending Snape.
I love dementors getting a new form.
6/4/2023 c38 mistbornlax

I know I am late to this party but:

Your Harry is a whimp...I know he's a teenager here, but frankly even the rather pathetic canon version of Harry is more self-reliant and less of a carpet you can simply walk all over.

I like your OC, but she should frankly push Harry to be more active as she kind of turns herself into a single-point-failure! Should she die, everything is lost because this version of Harry would run around like a headless chicken, not getting anything done!

It was bad in earlier chapters, but here? "I'd rather not fight at all!" - Yeah, why don't you just kill yourself, Harry? He sounds like he just wants to give up!

As for not communicating with friends because a teacher says so (hell, Dumbledore isn't even truly her teacher as she never had a lesson with him!)? Yeah, I'd either tell him where to stuff it or simply ignore it...same for Remus and Sirius playing at keeping the "kids" safe (if they truly want to do that then they should leave the country, otherwise them keeping all that info to themselves puts Rosie and Harry in more danger!)

Well, I'll read on now
5/24/2023 c9 Guest
I love this so much!
The whole chapter made me laugh so much
But “ "Long live the queen," whispered Marcus Flint as he caressed his broom like a newborn.” took the cake for me
5/22/2023 c16 Hariana Halone
Pretty cool story, it started really well, I love her relationship with Harry, it started to escalate the moment she got Tom's diary. The SI seems to have forgotten that the Tom from the diary tormented muggleborns with the basilisk, one died because of him and he decided to do a ritual with the body that he is a psychopath. Instead of focusing on other things like helping werewolves, getting rich, etc., he let a horcrux play in his head, anyway.
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