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for Harry Potter and the Bucket List

5/20/2023 c32 Mr-Luca-Wolf
I hope they get together
5/20/2023 c4 WickedOne94
My favorite magic creature would be basalisks, good for assassination and stealth missions assuming it isnt 60 ft long and 4 metric tonnes XD
5/20/2023 c3 WickedOne94
nuetral pureblood, probably marry a muggleborn...maybe. otherwise another pureblood
5/20/2023 c9 Mr-Luca-Wolf
5/20/2023 c46 2molly122
I kinda want those notes on necromancy ngl, but if nothing else catches my attention it can burn
5/19/2023 c22 Guest
Oh a pygmy puff, a niffler again, crups and kneazels or a occamy
5/19/2023 c21 Guest
Eh, just my normal name
5/19/2023 c20 Guest
Overpowered Lumos(i.e flashbang)
Accio the wand
5/19/2023 c19 Guest
Beater. its like a combination of Football, Fake Football(i.e american) and Cricket
5/19/2023 c18 Guest
Ancient runes. They technically were a language, and thus i literally would be a god at them

If you are talking about irl ones, then a coding language. Or fuck it, binary, lets just bypass the middlemen
5/19/2023 c17 Guest
Tourney. I'll just bring shrunken Bazookas, LMGs and Nukes with me for the first task, 2nd task i'll get scuba gear, 3rd task a flamethrower, chainsaw or again a bazooka. The maze grows back, but i can just beeline it to the center

Oh, and flashbangs
5/19/2023 c16 Guest
One of the Founders
5/19/2023 c14 Guest
Calling card would be a burger, and name Hamburgler
5/19/2023 c13 Guest
Eh, Dementors are obviously super scary, as they can only be affected by one spell. Like others can just be blown up by a bazooka
5/19/2023 c12 Guest
I feel like i would bond the most with Bathsheda(I see runes as essentially coding, with each rune being a command like loop, if-then, or, etc)(so i would overoptemize the shit out of them)
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