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1/6 c3 kuchel ackerman 14
The doctor is wrong for Amy she would have followed him to the end of the world see the universe it was her hero she waited 12 years then two more years the weeping angel who took Amélia and certainly the one who had taken possetion of his mind he was biding his time.

In any case one thing that is clear if Amy or Clara and even River, Bill Poots had heard that yaz, gaham, Ryan told him they would have kicked their ass the doctor and saved tent people thanks to his courage.
Did they forget what ace of feelings she too she had so much vaicus and lost so much of a person dear to her heart her memory also plays tricks on her

I say stop being heartless. I would like Amy, Clara, River, Bill to be here to comfort the doctor as she needs.
1/3 c3 138Quatermass
It wasn't their stupidity, but the Doctor's. They deserve NONE of the venom the Doctor is giving them. Most of her wangst is a self-inflicted injury, and if she bothered to communicate, she might feel better. So I reckon they should just jump ship and tell her where to stick it, for playing such a cruel game with THEM.
10/27/2020 c2 13the Mandalorian terminator
Love him love the Doctor showing his companions what has happened before good way to bridge not just Classic Who but Big Finish and RTD and Moffat's eras all together. Keep it up
10/24/2020 c2 20artsoccer
You really hate Rose, and the Russell T Davies era was probably not the take away I was supposed to get from this.
10/18/2020 c1 1rellenh
Please continue!
10/5/2020 c1 13the Mandalorian terminator
I love this. I love how you combined elements from Big Finish Doctor Who especially the Eleven and have Thirteen show Ryan, Yaz and Graham the different Time Lords.
10/2/2020 c1 7CHEESEPUFF fg
this is absolutely amazing

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