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8/23 c8 Guest
Man I can't wait for the next chapter I've been looking forward to!
8/20 c8 Hsitirb
I swear your incapable of finishing anything you start
7/16 c8 10Scrumblenut
It’s good to see this story redone. It has more backstory, more emotion in it now. I am looking forward to seeing more. Take care and stay safe.
7/4 c8 Dragon Of Domination
Plz give us a update I can't wait to read the next chap of this Masterpiece
7/3 c8 Fohin692
Great story and thanks for the hard work
6/25 c1 ClownDeMierda
Ah, such a refreshing new read
6/6 c1 Sekiriyote
I hope you update fast man
5/8 c6 luiseduardob303
Please don't let Issei and Yasaka be together
5/6 c8 Tilty.bbb
This was a fantastic read well done
5/5 c8 GunBlade2021
Hi there

The last part was heart-wrenching to be sure...

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
5/3 c8 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really enjoyed reading this chapter. Looking forward to reading more.
5/3 c8 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
5/2 c8 6Striderm8
Oh yeah, stop putting me off With Sanji instead of Saji XD
5/2 c8 Striderm8
It’s just a personal opinion, but I feel that Issei proclaiming who he was is kinda OOC for him. It just feels outta place...? If he said it calmly, without the !, I feel like it would fit him a bit more, or if he simply used actions instead of words.

An opinion though, so don’t take it to heart~ A good chapter man, keep it up!
5/2 c8 JackBlaze123
Base Issei being at the power level of a...mid-class devil? Doesn't seem entirely right to me, that. If you mean he's at that level in terms of physical stats and combat ability due to the 10 years of rust that he needs to shake off, then yeah, I can see it. Otherwise, in pure power Base Issei should be, at the minimum, squarely on the high-class level. I really don't see how he could've pulled off doing the damage to the Bible factions he apparently did 10 years before the currents events of the story.

That aside, good chapter as usual.
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