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for Bear With Me

10/23 c1 6Psychlinite
Omg this was the cutest little story ever! Amazing job!
10/21 c1 SugarAndIce
So sweet! I love it so much. w
10/2 c1 citylily
I loved this.

I teared up when he gave Gizmo to Juliet and she understood and kept Gizmo between them.

And then I was grinning at Jules' gift and note for Shawn. I believe that scene just became 10x cuter.

I thought the memories you attached with Gizmo were impactful, especially after finsing out hia grqndpa had alzheimers. Losing memory like that would have a profound effect on Shawn and his photographic memory and you wrote his reaction well. Now to cheer myself up qm going to think about Shawn's freakout in Last Night Gus :p. Same fear but less tearjerking.

And of course, love that he named the bear Gizmo.

You know I never watched Joe vs the Volcano but what is with Tom Hanks playing characters with fixations on (or ar least way intimate connection to) objects?
10/2 c1 25Gingeraffealene
That was really great. Spot on as always! Thank you!
10/1 c1 15shuuuliet
Once again, love the pic you've chosen for this story, haha. So perfect.

Ooh, I love what you've done in the first flashback-referencing the scene in "Murder?...Anyone?...Anyone?...Bueller?" in which Henry and Madeline find Shawn's cop cars in the attic. Poor Shawn. Dude just wants what's on his list.

Oh, the 1988 flashback...this just broke my heart for Shawn. I never considered what the threat of memory loss would mean to him, how much deeper the horror of that would be for him than for anyone else.

2010...I'm crying. "Do you like him? Do you understand?" Oh, this is so cute. I love it so much.

And oh my gosh, 2011. WOW I don't even have words for that. The gift shop from the bridge! That's brilliant and so adorable. Your last line is just perfect. I love this story so much.

You write Shawn so well through the years. The flashbacks are just perfect, and I love the two moments with Jules. So sweet and such a good way to show how important they are to one another. The fact that Shawn would give Gizmo to Jules is so telling of how much he feels for her. So beautiful. Well done, this story is amazing.

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