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12/20/2020 c17 64Sophia the Scribe
Oh, the mixture of pain and hope that is well-written Narnian Whump! Thank you for this. I love these brothers and their bond—and their unwavering faith in Aslan. Beautifully done.
12/20/2020 c16 Sophia the Scribe
Thank you for introducing me to the Liturgy for Those Who Weep Without Knowing Why...I followed the link to read all of it, and found that it touches beautifully on that deep sadness that sometimes grips us—and even sanctifies it beautifully in a way I had not considered before.
P.S. The chapter was really lovely too, especially Peter's careful putting aside of his protective rage because he knows it's not what Susan needs or wants right then. Really good illustration of the importance of self-control even in the face of appalling wrongs!
12/20/2020 c11 Sophia the Scribe
Aww! Poor Remus...but at least his friends are there to take care of him! I love this sort of Marauders-era story.
12/20/2020 c6 Sophia the Scribe
The wounds by which all wounds are healed. Could there be a more suitable Whumptober entry?
12/20/2020 c5 Sophia the Scribe
Thank you so much for the glorious Peter Whump! I loved everything from Peter's staunch and constant defense of Lucy, to the other captives' respect and care for the Peter and Lucy, to the Narnians' epic rescue at the end. And of course the Cordial...thank you, Clive Staples! It's a fanfic author's whump-fixing dream come true :D
P.S. This review is abysmally late, especially for such an amazing prompt response. I deserve flying rotten tomatoes and the Cone of Shame.
11/1/2020 c8 Lady Erulisse
Another beautiful chapter! Your stories never get old. Loved this one!
11/1/2020 c17 17Pacifia
Heart jumping. Blood pumping. Some scenes can be cruel when off-screen. And this was TECHNICALLY off-screen. Because you're thinking what EXACTLY happened, and not knowing if it's better or worse than you think is...

Anyway, thank you!

(And Congrats on finishing this MONTH-long challenge. Hopefully, the sadness, grief, angst leaves us with the month! And IF you change your mind next year, I think turning half the prompts into humorous ones really help getting through it!)
10/31/2020 c18 34ScribeofHeroes
I don't know, I like it as it is. And the cracked Oak, I think is a nicer character than even Miracle Max. :) I like it very much this way. :)

God Bless
10/31/2020 c17 ScribeofHeroes
Thank you for writing this. :')

God bless
10/31/2020 c18 4SouthwestExpat
Loved this reference at the endit twisted this Whumptober ride to a dose of humour at the end.

But until then, I was thinking of John 20a spirit does not have flesh and bones, He ate and drank in their presence.

And if the others weren't listening (again), at least they didn't do a Denethor...
10/31/2020 c17 SouthwestExpat
This...this is the best sort of whump. The pain isn't just for the sake of pain. In their agony, the Kings glorified Aslan, though they knew it might well mean their lives.

(Was Lucy's coming a touch fast, maybe, but I really didn't care by that pointI was just ready for relief! Because there's been enough sadness this Whumptober...)
10/31/2020 c16 17Pacifia
Oh, such a wonderful piece. I can't say I relate to Susan's grief (I don't know if she was really IN love with Rabadash) but this was such a wonderful alternate to 'Wound Reveal'. The poem was a nice touch too.

Now, for the pair...hmm...Well, I, guiltily, nominate our favourite pair of brothers. I know, I know, but I can't think of anyone else I'd like to see in pain. Not Eustace and Jill, because like you said, their short duration of time spent in Narnia won't allow it. Not Susan and Lucy. Nope. Not in a million years would I let them go through physical torture. Caspian? Who would you pair him with? If you think Ramandu's daughter, I say I don't like romance.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

How about Cor and Corin? But I have a really childlike image of them in my mind, and I don't know I'll be able to shake that when reading the story. And I definitely don't want to see a child get tortured. So, rejected.

Okay, so, you see where I'm coming from?

Peter and Edmund really don't. XD
10/30/2020 c16 10BellatrixTheStar
This was lovely. The antiquated dialogue is on point - even better than in Enemies Against if I may make the comparison. And I've felt the loss of a hope-filled dream, so this struck deep. Universal pain being simultaneously personal is such a sorrowfully true image, and though I know you can't claim the poem, thank you for displaying it in a story you can claim to have written :)
10/30/2020 c16 4SouthwestExpat
I don't remember if my brother and sister (twins) needed each other's presence as babies but I've heard stories like that. And it makes some senseyou share the natural incubator of the womb for nine months, not having the twin there is abnormal and babies don't like abnormality. And whatever Corin was told/remembered, he's not the world's deepest thinker, so I don't know if it would have occurred to him or not that Shasta was his long-lost brother, especially if it wasn't something he regularly thought about...I've read about King Lune's perspective in the aftermath, now I want to read Corin's as he grew up...

This was Whump, yes, but enough comfort with the hurt that...I almost didn't notice? Susan was hurting a lotthat kind of betrayal doesn't mend quickly (especially when it has political, national consequences for others, and it's not just a personal matter).

That was a lot for Peter to come back home to after a campaign against the giants...I'd want the whole story too, rather than wait for a "better" time. But what a ride!

I don't know if this is enough to qualify for your torture victim request...Digory would have been in WWI, which means he could have been badly hurt... something about his tortuous recovery and Polly having to watch her friend go through that? Just a thought...
10/29/2020 c15 17Pacifia
Heartwarming, fuzzy, and just made me want to curl up in a blanket, light in a candle and read more fluffy stories like this one. But very unfortunately, it's night and it means my brain is demanding sleep. Curse Melatonin then! Wonderfully done. Not OOC. Nope. That's just how this community has forged the Pevensies to be when they're sick. I could totally see Lucy as the stubborn patient. But it can't be all that bad if she managed to get that far. I had a fever recently, and taking just two steps would make you faint if the fever's too high.

Susan uses birds to find Peter and Ed! That's brilliant. And the poor fellows had no clue, did they?

Susan deserved a break. Really. She's a mother to them, and doesn't let them see how much she has to work to keep all THREE of them safe and healthy. Good that Orieus was there.

See you with the last chapter! Last, right? Anyway, expecting some whump? Or more fuzzy stories. I won't complain at all. :-)
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