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4/14 c5 Spellflame
4/6 c16 Jdkem
I can’t say this enough after rereading this like 5 times I just hope beyond hope that it continues!
3/29 c16 13Steve2
This has been a fun story. A very fun story so far and I hope you continue it. I especially liked the part where the massive ship blocking the bay disappeared and smooshed the Nine. Now it seems to me that once The Traveler is inducted into the Wards, and it becomes more common knowledge (imparted from MM to The Director) that Keiko was the one responsible for smooshing the Nine, that a certain reward for the deaths of the Nine is made available to a new Ward.

Also, not sure if this is part of canon, but is Amy also a Queen? That is Queen Shaper? This could be simply thinking of what I read in the "How To Train Your Endbringer" story when Taylor and Amy meet Glaistig Uaine. Just a thought.

Thanks for posting and please write more.
3/18 c16 Jdkem
I really want more of this..
3/15 c5 9jukehero461
Oh my gods I adore that last line, a perfect example of 'You do not know me, you do not control me, you WORK WITH ME, because while my words are soft my stick can literally haul cargo freight.' Excellently done.
1/19 c16 Zolkien
I love the freedom Blinks powers give her!
1/17 c16 HellsMaji
16 chapters and still no idea what Taylor's powers are. Geez.
1/2 c16 thereaperd
That would be terrifying. Basically, gods are coming out to play and you better not get in their way.
1/1 c16 Guest
1/1 c16 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder if Dragon will relay Ciara's words as a public service announcement even if the information is limited to the PRT and Protectorate.
1/1 c16 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
1/1 c16 1Matthias von Schwarzwald
Happy New Year! And yeah, the Faerie Queen's completely right about the future's entertainment value.
1/1 c16 kuroneko200
be afraid be very afraid Dragon and bring on the chaos
1/1 c16 Sir Bob the 1st
Happy New Year Comrade!
1/1 c16 38Solaire38
Oh god the Fairy Queen laughed, that's never a good sign. Well for that world anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting the chaos that will come. Keep up the good work!
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