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3h c12 WearyCurmudgeon
- Powers
Saw you considering Magneto lite over at SB, due to the story "Nemesis" already doing the power set you were intending to use here.

BUT, Magneto Lite has been done as well. "Lodestar" by "ShayneT", where she'd Magneto's granddaughter

Just a FYI.
11/25 c12 9God of Vampires aka Alucard
Is Danny Dockmaster and was Annette Iron Rain? Is Taylor gonna have different powers?
11/25 c12 jaclon
My eyes are moist.. MOIST DARN YOU! .. now the dry heat from our heater is going to have to dry them all over again ... annoying.
aka keep it up
11/22 c8 BobSquirrelKing
(Continuation of previous review, since this stupid site doesn't let you edit reviews, or review twice for one chapter)

Nevermind, forgot the factor of 4.184. So 50kton weight dropped from 50 miles up with negligible drag would actually be about 5.6 kton TNT equivalent. But with how varied the size of a container ship is, you could easily have one that weighs over 200kton when it is full of water, so still a good estimate.

And honestly, when you are talking about nuclear explosions, within an order of magnitude is close enough for the comparison to be good :D
11/22 c7 BobSquirrelKing
At first I thought you might be underselling things a little (since most "rod from god" weapons tend to be a couple order of magnitude smaller than a water-logged container ship), but assuming the total weight of the container ship (including the water it is full of) is 50 metric kton (hard to find good values, but for a large container ship that seems on the lower end), dropped from 50 miles up with negligible drag force countering gravity (and ignoring the roughly 3% reduction ins acceleration from gravity at that height), it would hit with the equivalent of ~23 ktons of TNT, while Fat Man was about 21 ktons.

So slightly less than 21 ktons, once reduction in gravity, drag force, and fuzziness of "dropped from the mesosphere" (50 miles is upper end) is a pretty good estimate.
11/21 c12 8Ghost of Los Angeles
This is great but I think the ending might’ve been cut off
11/21 c12 Guest
11/21 c12 2Kaiya Azure
On the bright side, she took the news surprisingly well.
11/21 c12 shugokage
Interesting scene and chapter!
11/21 c12 WearyCurmudgeon
- Hedgehogs
Thought it was a NGE (Neon Genesis Evangelion) reference myself.

Hence why I'm more of a Shinji/Rei shipper. As both were hedgehogs carefully reaching out not to get hurt emotionally.

Whereas Asuka L. Sohryu is one of those yapper dogs, which only made the hedgehog retreat back into themselves.

The current Asuka L. Shikinami? Still trying to figure out how to quantify her, but she isn't like her previous version.


But your description of the hedgehog issue also works.

- Small
Thought came to me.
Lucky for Keiko that her new GF is a biokinetic and could order her body to grow s few more inches. (Least enough to be optimal smooching height, rather than tippytoe,/bending down stuff.)

11/21 c12 7the water omega
You got the three p's from TMNT fast forward didn't you
11/20 c12 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter
11/20 c12 teruin42
You have a wonderful writing style. It reminds me of Jack Vance: a handful of paragraphs will tell the reader more than some writers can get out of 50 pages. Keiko's interactions with Taylor and her grandfather were moving and believable.
11/20 c12 11chm01
"Of course, two hedgehogs sitting on a log side by side next to the fire...makes sense..."
I kinda lost it there, and I don't know what that means
11/20 c12 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
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