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11/18 c20 Fairy Tail HOTZ
Could you make a smut Fairy Tail story?

One about loli Wendy at the mercy of the futanari duo, Erza and her mother, Irene!
Where the futanari mother and daughter; dominate, break, and impregnate little Wendy! Maybe even throw in some sexual degrading, like how they tell her off for wanting to be a continual underage mother.

Please consider this?
11/13 c20 Guest
porfavor un nuevo capitulo. mis niveles de lemon estan muy bajos. necesito una recarga de perversion. esperando ver la domesticacion y preñacion de lupus
11/7 c20 Romance Breeding
Oh also, Naruto’s and Naruko’s harems are made up girls and women from not just the Naruto series, but from other franchises too!
11/7 c20 Romance Breeding
Could you make a “No Nut November” themed Naruto short story please? It would star Naruto and his futanari sister, Naruko.
I have a good idea for the plot:

Naruto and Naruko have been raised by their single mother( Minato died) all their lives. They are the heirs to Kushina’s clan. They are both part of the CRA program to revive their clan.
Both Naruto and Naruko have their own harems made up of adult women, teenagers, and loli girls. They have been dating and falling in love with them all for years.

Then one day, near the end of October, Naruto and Naruko heard about something called “No Nut November”! They both get curious and decide to research it. Both were excited from learning about it. They thought it was a fun challenge to do.

The two tell their harems about it and asked for their support. They only agreed because the sadistic of the groups, like Anko and Ami( loli and Anko’s daughter) thought it would be fun to tease and “punish” their lovers for putting them all through this because they were ready to finally start making love and babies.
So, Naruto and Naruko both put seals on their bodies. These seals are meant to keep them from climaxing. They are also on a unbreakable timer and will only be removed on December 1st.

Throughout the whole month of November, Naruto and Naruko have been through so much torture! Their girls and women tease them with revealing outfits, handjobs, sexual talking, and other stuff. And no matter what they go through, they can’t climax! And it doesn’t help that their hot mother sometimes walks around the house in a towel or even work out clothes.
And all Naruto and Naruko can think of is they can’t for November to be over with and make their harems and unknowing mother pay. Both siblings team-up together to make a plan.

It is now December 1st. Naruto’s and Naruko’s harems all come together to visit their lovers at their house. Only, what awaits them is a merciless and unending pleasure.

Naruto and Naruko bring them all inside and have Shadow Clones jump and restrain their girls with Chakra Chains.
They then force Anko and Ami, that started all their teasing torture to come over a relieve them. While they do take, the clones play with the rest of the girls and women of the harem, to get their wombs and ovaries ready.
After their first climax in a whole month, Naruto and Naruko tell their girls that they are not stopping until they have released a whole month worth of sperm and lust out of them. And they are not stopping for a whole month! They better hope they are ready for finally getting impregnated. Both emotional and physical.

Then the two finally go at it with their harems. Each girl got a turn. The two completely break and dominate their women, busting nuts and impregnating each womb! Their minds destroyed and bodies ruined. And they all love it! It goes on all day!
But, not even Kushina was spared. She comes home late, only for her children to jump her and wrap her body in chains. Naruto and Naruko have their harems watch as they do something new. Both take their members and both of them pierce Kushina’s womb at once! They double-stuff their struggling mother’s womb! She tells them to stop as she looses her mind, but they don’t listen! They are driven by lust and a primal need to breed! Both don’t stop until they both climax and impregnate their own mother.

After that, the whole month of December, the twins do not stop their merciless onslaught of lust. They try different positions with their girls and even trade harems for a bit. They destroyed them, some even voice their lustful fantasies they want to come true. Even Kushina wants her children to make her give birth to girls who will grow up to be Naruto’s and Naruko’s breeding slaves too. With the two also adding in some sexual talks and degrading.

Throughout the entire moth this went on. At the end, all of them were impregnated and can’t stop to think of Naruto and Naruko inside them. And the two can’t wait for their children. And want to do this again!
Months later, the harems and Kushina are giving birth. Kushina herself gave birth to two girls. She can’t wait for them to become new breeding toys for her master and mistress.
The girls present themselves to the twins, they want more babies! Something that the twins also want. And get right on it!
They all can’t wait for November again.

That’s my idea. Could you please strongly consider this for this month?! It would be so hot!
11/3 c2 Lord Of Domination
yeah, this is forcing the wimpy virgin trope to the extreme.

11/3 c2 Lord Of Domination
why the f*ck is he feeling guilty for something he didn't do?

"villainous protagonist" my ass.

he's a f*cking simp.
11/3 c1 Lord Of Domination
a very bad first impression chapter for this fanfic, it's more or less a copy-paste of the original overlord novel with a few details changed...

I honestly expected not to have to suffer through Ainz-level ignorance and stupidity but it seems that was expecting too much...
(6) SUBARASHII!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
loli is life!
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